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Character’s personality is, therefore, a critical element of creating believable, engaging and also likable designs. Most people read a character by first looking at his or her body language, big shape, and posture. Conveying a character’s personality in form of body language and shape is more influential as compared to facial expressions. That makes it possible to obviously identify those who are good or evil characters by first looking at their big shapes. Though color can be inferred in various ways from culture to culture, shapes seem to have general meaning worldwide. Though color can be inferred in various ways from culture to culture, shapes seem to have general meaning worldwide. There are three crucial tools that designers use to bring the aspect of personality; size, variance and shape.

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Size Size is a key factor that makes a design more attractive and pleasing. To make a good design one can choose to use shapes of different sizes which are combined in an unpredictable and interesting way (Hoff &Erika, 56). A language is a form of visual language in design which expresses the design’s personalities through the shapes of those designs. Variance Also, dissimilarity creates interest, this is the reason why good designers will avoid breaking his or her characters in equal shapes and of the same size. They, therefore, split their characters into three parts: legs, torso, and head. Different proportions of these three elements make it interesting (Hoff &Erika, 57). Shapes Shapes have a wide range of characteristics, each conveying a diverse meaning to the viewers.

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Shapes are defined by the arrangement of lines that frame their edges or by their color. Oval shapes provide us the scent of warm, safe, soft, purity, cheerful and innocent. For example, Remy’s brother Ratatouille is rounder to communicate his bit naïve and soft nature of the character. Also, Russel from Up, his body is made of round and soft shapes to contrast to Carl’s square body (Wiegers et al, 341). b) Square. Squares suggest security, conformity, equality, solidity, and peacefulness. Powerful character, strong, but also mean or hero and soft at heart can be communicated. Furthermore, actions that you want a character to do will also influence the way you use shapes in order to bring character’s personality, for example, you want a character to use certain objects such as weapons and how to use them.

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