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A community collaborated and merged their functions to develop Wikipedia, a website which is enriched with educational resources. The information contained in Wikipedia cuts across every discipline or topic and language (Jemielniak, 2018). It incorporates all concepts which may be sought after by their clients. For Wikipedia to produce the articles addressing a certain concept, the concept should merit an article in the wiki encyclopedia. The Wikipedia community has subdivided itself into various groups referred to as wiki projects (Alder, 2018). Without skills in research, our systems, structures and organizations cannot solve the inherent problems in the systems. Furthermore, they cannot forecast the future values of various organizational variables. In order to make insights concerning Wikipedia, researchers often use statistics which include; counting the number of people conducting activities, determining quantitative relations, use of surveys among others (Dr.

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James Hellman, 2018). In real sense, Wikipedia contains various in-depth analysis of various concepts. This attempt is prohibited. In addition, the users present themselves in the site using various public profiles. In the profiles, they outline what they like and also indicate their roles in Wikipedia. This enables members of the public to easily identify the participants who spearhead specialized activities. The Wikipedia was accused of generating chaotic information. We can argue that besides these developments there are other weakness which have threatened to work against the use of Wikipedia as an educational resource. The founder of Wikipedia Jimmy wales as a unique relation with the Wikipedia community. The author describes his role in the wiki projects where he hand folds the fact that he has been embarking on his ethnographic research studies once simultaneously acting as a community member.

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He levels out various underlying academic criticisms of Wikipedia model in general (Crawford, 2018). Furthermore another weakness of Wikipedia model has got inherent weaknesses concerning organization rules and regulations of the site. Therefore, the research publication was UBCMJ. This Dr. was a clinical instructor. He is accredited for appreciating Wikipedia use in medical research by students and medical professionals. The traditional publishing recognized peer reviewed articles more relatively compared to Wikipedia articles. There is controversy over the balance of benefits and harms of breast cancer screening (Marshall, 2018). A U. S research study in 2009 review for preventive services discovered that there were more positive impacts in the screening but only for those above forty years of age. The organization further argued that the screening can be done every two years.

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Despite the challenges which may be encountered in treatment, the task force asserts that, there is still medication for those who have high chances of getting the dangerous disease. In addition to this, Wikipedia adjusts to changes in the real world as far as medical research is concerned. It is easily accessible and free online research center. Both Wikipedia and research starter have broadly explored breast cancer (, Susan M. The resources in Wikipedia have been lastly edited in the beginning of the 2018. It has cut across various journal and print media. After comparing my peer reviewed sources to Wikipedia resources on breast cancer, I have discovered that Wikipedia citations have been made so frequently and revised. On the other hand, my peer-reviewed sources are providing permanent evidence on breast cancer.

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In addition, more Wikipedia sources are concerned with definitions and descriptions, while my peer reviewed sources are providing evidence based findings about breast cancer. In conclusion, I believe that Wikipedia is a good starting point for gaining information. I urge medical students and professionals to rely on it to upgrade their learning and research. Breast cancer. Magill’S Medical Guide (Online Edition), Diagnosed Breast Cancer. 5th ed. New York: Holt, 2012. Print. Susan Love’s Breast Book. 5th ed. Cambridge: Da Marshall, SW & RJ Spencer. (2001) Concussion in Rugby: The Hidden Narod, Steven A. , and William D. St Paul’s Hospital. Vancouver, BC. 2011 March 8. Guest Speaker. Treatment Options—and Remain Optimistic—in an Age of Information Overload. Deerfield Beach: Health Ballantine, 2015. Print. Vogel, Victor G.

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