Social economic organization for the racially marginalized people

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Autonomous management and democracy in decision making is another value that those bodies are built on to incorporate all their stakeholders. Social, economic organizations work on the principles of empowerment, collective responsibility as well as individual responsibility and total participation of stakeholders to come up with ways to empower different groups in society to achieve their social as well as economic needs (Galaskiewicz). Social, economic organizations, mainly include religious groups, charities organizations, trade unions, professional associations and political organizations. The primary objective of any social economy is to accumulate capital, but use the capital to provide its services and to empower the life of the marginalized people (Yang&Y-K). The capital is risked to meet the social objectives of the organization.

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I This case study is to focus on a social, economic organization, its relevance internationally or locally in reaching the racially marginalized people and establish whether it is efficient and if it is making progress in its operations. The case study will be on an international organization whose focus is to help the black people of mixed race origin from police brutality study in the USA and to help them empower their lives. The major cause and root of the police brutality on black communities are due to racial segregation and economic injustices (Benería, Günseli & Maria). People of the black race and color are taken as being inferior due to their skin color, and mostly the white people see themselves superior to all other people.

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In the black communities and neighborhoods there the wide range of un employment and it’s not an uncommon phenomenon meeting large groups of youths idle sitting as they have nothing better to do with their lives. That killing and two other killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner in 2014, led to the recognition of Black Lives Matter following the street demonstrations in Ferguson and New York City (Day). The organization also issues economic demands they want to be met through economic policy papers that aims at ensuring funds are availed for by the government to help better the black people’s lives. The organization works best through the following ways: Black Lives Matter has among others, a conflict resolution toolkit as it is a common thing for conflicts to arise once in a while.

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Conflicts cannot be avoided, but with some pre-thinking and some grounding, Black Lives Matter believes it’s possible to solve the conflicts. Conflicts, in this case, arise whereby people feel that there is abuse possibly in a pattern of leadership and power over another through coercion, physical or sexual violence. This makes its effect in pushing for human rights be felt by a bigger audience. As it operates in the U. S, this ensures that its activities are also being carried out in other parts of the globe. Network assists in faster communication and thus as it arranges it operations at a given place, other regions that it operates in are notified, and as members hold protests in one region, the effect is felt even in the other locations(Maccheroni, Fabio, Massimo, and Aldo 354-359).

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Network connection is also responsible for the fast spreading of the hashtags on social media. The slogans used in banners while protesting contains messages that prompt for direct actions. An example is “White silence is violence” which calls for immediate action by the other races including the white people. By applying all the means above this organization has been a success. Since its inception in the early days as it has led to an increase in public knowledge of all the problems, black people go through all over the world such as the poor pay, lack of access to jobs like other communities who can easily find employment. The movement helps people to ensure that the minorities are people too and hence all people should be treated equally.

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This resource, unlike others, is still a development in progress which will be operational as Black Lives Matter continues to learn the effects of healing justice in the organization. This idea of a healing toolkit came up with the members of BLM’s healing justice members. The team of healing justice is still working on the healing action to improve the efficiency of Black Lives Matter. Just like other organizations, BLM management reviews its activities and targets once in a while to know what factors will be eliminated or altered to ensure its continuity in human rights activism. BLM’s main tension is how to fight racism in that in some parts; one can still find people of the same race seated together while those of a different race secluded at a different section.

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