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The behavior of different individuals is an example of these activities. This factor cuts across various aspects of the life of a human being such as learning. Learning is an essential activity for every person as one acquires new knowledge which might be helpful to him or her. The learning process is made possible through the cognitive process that takes place in the mind. A lot of discoveries have been done in the field of psychology whereby a lot of theories have been developed to support various issues. On the contrary, if a specific behavior is punished every time, there is a high chance it will cease. From this perception, it is seen that the social learning theory is related to behaviorism theory.

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Under the behaviorism theory, the behavior of particular individuals is controlled through reinforcement by emphasizing on the critical role of several internal processes that take place in an individual who is learning. The social learning theory was established by a psychologist Albert Bandura whereby he integrated two theories Bandura (2014). The integration of these two theories leads to the emergence of four aspects that were necessary for learning. Attention is the other principle that was developed by the theorist (Midgley 2013). He explained that individuals learn when the information obtained is internalized in our mind. The information stored in the memory is recalled whenever it is required to react to a situation which is similar to when that information was initially obtained. The third principle is reproduction whereby the information that was learned previously is reproduced when it is needed.

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However, metal and physical rehearsals is a good practice which improves responses. Therefore, this will lead to an increased crime rate within a particular area. Certain types of crimes such as rape cannot be learned through social interaction. This crime is committed from the internal desires of an individual which cannot be easily influenced by other people. The major weakness associated with this theory includes accountability. From this theory, the behavior of an individual is affected by his or her social surrounding. The social environment that an individual is associated with will have a lot of impact towards his or her behavior. From various experiences, the chances of an individual to take up the practice of his or her social circle is high because the mind learns through imitation, observation or observation.

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