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Currently, the consumers are adopting the social media marketing making it popular and inevitable. However, the consumers are frequently using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter to expound the goods markets. The social media marketing strategies have made expansion of business across the globe due to rapid sharing of information. Social Media as a Marketing Tool Social media is an online market tool allowing users to share opinions, perspective and insights about different goods and services (Perera, Member, Jayawardena & Chen, 2015). Although the main idea about social media is connecting different organizations and people, it permits conducting of online marketing. The invention of smartphones has made it possible to reach a wide range of users within the shortest time possible. Types of Social media marketing platforms Across the globe, there are different social media platforms that enable marketers to take place (Tuten & Solomon, 2017.

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However, the duration is dictated by the demographic capacity the platform services to people. Currently, some of the social media marketing platforms mainly used by the young generation include Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Consequently, it can be noticed that the majority of individuals prefer using various applications in communication such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and the Messenger. Also, using these channel companies and organizations are able to create awareness about their goods and services by conducting advertisements since they are able to create their own profile for easy sharing of the information. It has been researched that the majority of the businesses makes their online marketing at a range of 86% of the entire post are made in the forum mainly in the weekdays.

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However, the clients are able to view certain products and click to leave a comment about the product. Consequently, the customers are able to make online orders by paying through the platform since the commodities have their price tags in the online. Instagram Instagram is an online social media marketing platform that permits sharing of videos and photos among the users (Sheldon, Rauschnabel, Antony & Car, 2017). However, consumers are able to be engaged through Google Ad platform. YouTube allows big and small companies to conduct online marketing inform of videos that are viewable by the users. Twitter Twitter, is one of the most known social media platforms that easily act as a marketing tool in online social media marketing (Lamberton & Stephen, 2016). Users make communication in response to tweets using less than 140 characters.

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Also, users are able to participate in conversations with the use of various hashtags. However, having the social connection fulfills the need of belongingness within the platform. Additionally, social media marketing allows interaction between brands and consumers using a cost-effective way. Customer engagement Customer engagement is a method of influencing a customer’s interaction with the brand while sharing their experience with other users. According to the research, 80% of the customers are engagement is mishandled by the company’s employees. In the companies view every lost opportunity result in the development of great loss in terms of revenue collection. Consequently, customer engagement plays a key role in marketing commodities within online platform by responding to consumers’ needs not only posting and publishing content.

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The customer’s objective in social media engagement is sharing information and experiences while participating in a conversation, companies are required not to spam too much. However, companies making their advertisement in a social media marketing platform are required not to overload their clients with too much information since this will make them unlike or un follow the organization site. For instance, in the Facebook platform, the users are given the option to decide on whether they want to view certain information from a company or not. Future trends of social media marketing In the current era, social media marketing is playing a great role in developing business across the world. However, with the current invention, it is anticipated that social media platforms will serve customers within the planned objectives.

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