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One of the significant changes that have been experienced in the world is the rise of technology. Incorporation of technology in different places has resulted in several advantages such as making work easier. Despite the benefits, are problems which have been attributed to the rise of technology, there are some problems. Technology is associated with various features which have been used in different places to carry out several activities. An example of the technological element that has been developed is social media. The second Pro of social media is the promotion of different products in business has been improved. Businesses require some strategies to succeed in the service or product being offered. Promotion is one of the issues that have to be embraced for a company to succeed which entails advertising the products or services to different individuals who are the target market (Nielsen, Schrøder, 2014).

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This activity can be done using various platforms. Social media is one of the platforms that can be used to promote the product because there is a lot of traffic due to the high number of individuals on it. Most people use social media to store their information some of which could be private. Hacking, which is unauthorized access to information of an individual might take place leading to its loss of made public. This problem might cause humiliation to an individual as well as the loss of critical information. Also, hacking might result in the exposure of sensitive content to the society. This content can cause harm to the society and could result in conflict among different people. Despite this issue, social media has been generally valuable to the society because it has improved several activities within the community.

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