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On the daily operations, the same individual can use the smartphone to watch YouTube videos when free or even go online to chat with some friends on Facebook. Life is now quite different compared to some few generations ago. At the start of the 20th century, there existed no internet or television (Liu, 2005). Either there was no commercial radios or even smartphone or in that case, people depended majorly or magazines and newspapers. The case study discloses changes in social media, differences of the media from traditional media and concerns of privacy of social media. With the huge number of members, it only takes one member to make a major damage. The most popular sites are likely to suffer from matters of confidentiality when it comes to safety issues.

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An issue of security occurs once a hacker has or advances an unsanctioned access to a location of printed language or protected coding. Privacy issues, individuals that are involving in an unjustified access to private information and don’t primarily involve the security breaches. Somebody can gain an access to one’s privacy information by simply watching the password of the site (Moran, 2011). Social media, on the other hand, is described by use of internet services and websites such as YouTube and many more. For privacy issues, each and every individual is supposed to watch and mind what the messages he or she shares or writes and the information that is given. References Al-Kuwari, A. (2018, March). Privacy Concerns in Social Media.

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