Societal trend affecting nursing or patient education

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Similar to other areas of training and studies, nursing or patient education is a focus on being affected by the several emerging trends in the community’s dynamics (Neville et al. The vibrant nature of the community and the society result to the emanation of the patterns in the healthcare settings, and for which every trend will tend to precipitate unique concerns and challenges (Rouleau, 2015). More so, the patterns emerge from the ancient concern which in turn alter the issues that ultimately provoke other patterns in the coming days and notify the constant changing process. The paper focuses on the influence of the current trends in healthcare setting which tend to influence or affect the nursing and patient education in contemporary society.

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An insight of this issue, various trends in nursing and patient education in the community today have been found but not limited to the following; demographics changes, consumer education, constant growth of technology, preventive care, community nursing, access and affording health care insurance and privacy in health data. Video-conferencing, group chats, and group discussion avail students with excellent chances of gaining experience through working in interdisciplinary teams. Secondly, the emergence of computer technology and the internet has increased access to learning materials like journal articles and textbooks through their online publication via websites. In this way, the knowledge of computers has come out to be a possible content for learning materials for both nursing and other practice standards (Rouleau, 2015). Nursing students can now get access to millions of nursing materials where they can enough information needed for their class assignment and in conducting their practices for the professional nurses in their duties and obligations.

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Thirdly, computer technology has resulted in new designs and methods of treatments for patients. The need to possess the knowledge of the CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose) test is vital in evaluating sources and making eliminations between what is right and wrong. Conclusion. Computer technology, internet, and ICT provide online instruction techniques which can be applied in various positive ways towards nursing education. Evidence-based nursing practice necessitates that students in the nursing field and the physicians to have cognitive skills required in identifying problems and challenges, conducting research on them, and solving them through the application of the newly acquired knowledge and skills through the online platform (Harerimana, 2018). The need for nursing education is vital in the healthcare setting to provide quality and sustainable care delivery to the patients.

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