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Therefore, my entry into the world was not met with great preparedness and jubilation as it is the case with most white Cuban children. As a norm for a female child, I was wrapped in a sky blue Afro-Cuban sheet to signify a baby girl (Dilli, Rijpma, & Carmichael, 2014). Due to the premature marriage; my parents had not accumulated any significant resources in preparation for the upcoming birth. As a matter of fact, both were still in high school during the period of my birth and hence unless there would be any intervention by a well-wisher, the circumstance would automatically lead to acute desperation. Nevertheless, my maternal grandparents sympathized with my parents at least to enable them to continue with their studies while engaging in simple jobs in order to earn something small for our livelihood.

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This fact would unravel the deeply rooted discrimination in a community dominated by multicultural orientation. Nevertheless, the revelation was not a big distraction to my peace because my grandparents had prepared me well concerning the underlying expectation and had perfectly couched me on the best way to handle such in case it erupted. However, the teachers were keen on addressing racial discrimination because the government had outlawed any form of discrimination based on gender. My Parents stabilized economically while I was at the age of 10 years as I was transitioning from my grandmothers care to live with parents. My Parents had gotten a nursing job with the Cuban government and translocated to Havana city. The feminism and masculinism have since then been protracted in my system and has developed an inalienable tendency of treating my fellow male students with certain unmatched preference.

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Some deep convicts within me convince that males are different creature bestowed with some mysterious authority to control and direct the female gender. I understand probably my fellow women counterparts who have grown in balanced cultural set-up might rebuke me on this by appearing as a proponent of gender discrimination but that is a subject to my male chauvinistic society. Moreover, I must capture the impact of social orientation to my social interactions. For instance, I must admit apart from the initial stages of my life, the latter years have lived in affluence. The deep-rooted and disguised racial discrimination witnessed in the Cuban society created a considerable penetration of negativity in the social set up. For instance, despite the open equality; inaccessibility of different social and economic amenities is evident to some racial groups.

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For instance, there is disguised discrimination in academia and social history because most of the historical references are given in relation to the whites not acknowledging the existence of other races who have shaped the Cuban history. For instance, in my primary education, my perception was wired to believe that intelligent scholars and great contributors to Cuban history are whites who breed a feeling of discrimination, 90% of Cuban school curriculum is dominated by white superiority. Therefore, one of the biggest notion I must deal with for normal social existence is the feeling of discrimination which the education system has unintentionally reveal to me. I have over eighty thousand followers on both Instagram and Twitter and social network of four thousand and five hundred friends on Facebook.

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