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Sexuality-related cases and issues have been the cause of controversies in the world today and slowly people have used them as avenues for dealing with some of the societal issues that face the society in general. Therefore, developing a full understanding on various issues which affect the way the society is responding to the issues revolving around sex, gender and sexuality require that one must have full knowledge of the background of an individual and the concerns that they uphold as true and binding to them. Being on the interview that I conducted with Jennifer Lowe, many people still find it hard to comprehend the differences between gender, sex, and sexuality. Background of the Subject Jennifer Lowe was born in Liberia, in Africa. She is 39 years old female who spent most of her young life growing in Liberia.

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Therefore, Jennifer states that she fancies when people call her Ms. Lowe rather than her other name Jennifer. Even when she is introducing herself, Jennifer hints that she is usually proud when she is introducing herself as Ms. Lowe Jennifer. Her stress is on the missed par as most people also assume that with her age she should be married. Her father was a strict follower of the teachings of the Quran and hence she grew up in a family that upheld and which was a strong believer of the teachings of Islam. Jennifer also says that her father was also a sheik at a local mosque and hence he was a strict disciplinarian who valued the teachings of Quran and also who required that all the children follow the teachings and the requirements of the teachings of the Quran with ease.

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It is for this reason that Jennifer grew up with the full blow that men were superior to women and that men were to be respected, feared and also taken with seriousness. Jennifer says that, though her father had four wives, all the wives showed respect and total upholding to the requirements of her father, who was their husband. The development of a young child according to Jennifer was also based on strict discipline. Sexuality, Gender, and Sex According to Jennifer, the issue of gender and sexuality when she was growing up are two common things that she was acquainted with well in her younger life. These are the things that, as a young girl Jennifer was fully made aware of the existence of differences between her and the male in the community.

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Jennifer notes that she knew she was different from other children and especially the boys when she was four when they used to play together. Jenifer says that as a young girl, she used to play with the other children in the backyard and it is here that she first noticed the difference between her and the boys. The mode of dressing even as the young girl showed massive differences in how the children lived and stayed with one another in the community. Jennifer says that the best understanding that can be created from sexuality is what composed of or made up of a person and what the person is fully comfortable with and in this case, Jennifer says that sexuality is what makes someone comfortable when he/she is with and this can be where one is attracted to most.

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On the other hand, when I inquired from Jennifer about what she understands of gender, Jennifer points that gender is basically the external characters of the person and in this case, gender is being male or female. Jennifer says that she understands sex as the conjugal relationships that are seen of the men and women. She says that sex is basically the use of reproductive organs. Motherhood Jennifer is currently a mother of two young boys. pp.  ProQuest, search-proquest-com. library. saintpeters. edu/docview/225369068?pq-origsite=summon.

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