Solutions to Issues Hindering Cultivation of National Identity

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A country where all the citizens feel their rights are respected and where everyone gets equal treatment in the eyes of the law and in accessing opportunities the society is well bonded. This is in comparison to another country where some groups of individuals are looked down upon and where unequal distribution or resources exists, the amounts of conflict based on such issues are always high making it hard for the nation to advance in the right way due to lack of political stability, increased insecurities in the communities due to lack of tolerance amongst the members of the society. It is therefore essential to cultivate the spirit of national identity where everyone feels part and parcel of the big nation.

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National identity refers to the strong sense of belonging to a particular nation. The reason why people stand up and proudly claim to be Americans is that they belong to a country called the US where they have been living peacefully with their neighbors (Hutcheson,Domke, Billeaudeaux, and Garland, 29). The ideologies of racial hierarchy continue to pass down from one generation to the other making it difficult for the nation to live together in harmony. The nature of American identity is based on ethnocultural as outlined in Who Counts as an American? By Elizabeth Theiss-Morse where members of given ethnic groups refer themselves based their values on their cultural beliefs rather than consider themselves as American and appreciate the diversity that the vast nation possess (Theiss-Morse).

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The Whites, for example, view themselves as American based on their white beliefs and disregard any other ethnic group living within the confirms of the US (Theiss-Morse). The result of the lack of real understanding of national identity has led to certain groups of people living in poverty. According to Barbara Ehreinreich article How I discovered the truth about poverty, most Americans especially the well off in the society are unaware of the existence of some poor individuals living within the confines of the US borders (Ehreinreich). The US is known to have various ethnic groups living in distinct secluded areas where members of other ethnicities are not allowed to visit or even live in. For example, Chinatowns where over 99% of the population in such places Asians only.

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Such habitat exists in New York, San Francisco among others. Black hoods where members of African Americans live are also very common in the US and exist in virtually any big city in the US. The same is similar amongst the members of the White community (Musterd and Wim). More so, groups that such as those using slogans like ‘Black Lives Matters’ among others should be banned entirely (Horowitz 49). The question of the skin color or ethnical background should be done with altogether, and American made refers to themselves as Americans rather than African Americans, White American, and should be done with entirely (Horowitz 59). Even written materials should be reprinted where everyone living in the US is referred to as an American without indicating their ethnicity.

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