Solving School Bullying Behavior

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School bullying, therefore, is the worst kind of violence because it involves kids and teenagers who have not yet completely developed cognitive abilities and judgment abilities. Current research has reported that there are over 3. 1 million students who are victims of bullying every year. It has been reported that most students injure or commit suicide due to the bullying. Some other students miss school to avoid the bullies that lead to increased rate of dropouts. 124), claims that affected students may develop depression that would make them prone to committing suicide. At times, the bullies may be unconscious that they are harming the victim. Some bully also is ridden by their psychological distresses in a way that they aim at passing it to others within a school setting.

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Most of the students who bully others are influenced by their hazard background, hormones and negative influences by their social media. Therefore, they incur their negative feeling son their fellow students to make them feel the difference in social lineage. They should be watchful of their children’s childhood development and assist them to understand the causes of aggressive and negative behaviors and their consequences they would cause to them. Parents and teachers should monitor children reactions towards situations that would make them feel insecure so that they would be able to develop an appropriate plan taking actions in such instances. Bullying also involves social alienation where a group of students may alienate their colleague from a group thus making the victim develop bad feeling towards them.

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Some other bullying may involve unexplained body languages such as punching, kicking and hitting among others which are negative body languages that result to unexplained injuries, damaged personal property, evasion of school and other social circumstances. Moreover, there is verbal bullying that involves offensive remarks, making jokes about someone’s race, religion, gender, social status and their physical appearance. They also get exposed to the susceptibility of committing suicide that is as a result of depression. On the other hand, bullies feel disconnected from school and perceive their actions as superior thus developing a powerful sense of independence. Moreover, these students are more prone to violence such as an argument with their parents, school dropouts, and damaging schools properties. (Zych, pg.

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131), says that students who witness bullying feel that their life is at risk of being bullied thus reluctant to attending school and reluctant to take action due to fear of retaliation by the bullies. It has been reported that most bullying activities such as physical harassment mainly take place in those areas such as garden yards. (Saarento, pg. 69), suggests that schools should reduce the time students spend unsupervised such as lunchtimes, recess and subject change time. Reduction of time will minimize the opportunities that bullies have to incur harm on other students. Furthermore, the school should ensure that bullies are occupied during their resting time by assigning them light duties such as supervising certain areas where bullying is likely to take place such as tutoring others or involve them in sports.

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