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LA 92 also drops at around the same era revealing various themes behind the creation following the trend that that period depicted. Considering the movie Let it Fall the main source for bringing out the scenes and relating the events with the realities at the time, will also consider LA 92 in relating the scenes as the events unfold. In hard, persistent montage, the film Let It Fall reveals the character by the name Angelenos in the other side of the town, seemingly spitting some sort of prayer while weeping and gaping. This footage pulled out from the film in some way does not clearly reveal the position of the people in that city and their level of freedom of speech but to somewhat the way Angelinos is shouting, suggests that there might be some freedom of speech.

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The interesting part about the scenes is that the issue of freedom and the secondary source which is the film  LA 92 pulls the same footage as used in the film, let it fall, but with slight adjustment when focusing on the issues of people’s voices. The issue of race is brought out in both movies and this issue is clear in the footage that pulls out the scene where black teenager stomps on the white truck at a traffic circle by the name Florence and Normandie. LA 92 does not cover this part which and only the film, Let It Fall, bothers to cover this side of the footage as the teenager's life hung's on whisker but only get rescued by another black boy.

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