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The medical community suggests that sportsperson should be involved in thorough and detailed pre-screening before taking part in physical exercises. It is notable that regular aerobic activities are crucial in decreasing the possibility of acute myocardial infarction from occurring. However, some individuals can be at the risk of sudden cardiac death if their bodies are subjected to intense physical activity. In most cases, its symptoms are not easily recognizable as it kills a person silently. Equally, while athletes are on the playing ground, they are likely to be exposed to various factors that make them susceptible to injuries. Identifying the existence of cardiovascular ailments during the early stages provides an opportunity to alter an individual’s lifestyle, limit participation in demanding and physical intensive sporting activities, and provide prophylactic treatment so that to avoid sudden cardiac death.

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A report by the American Heart Association suggested that pre-participation screening is medical, ethically, and legally justifiable, which is a view that was equally held by the European Society of Cardiology ("American Heart Association, Inc. However, the two organizations do not share a common methodology that is used to carry out the procedure. According to the American Heart Association, the history of an individual and that of his or her family is considered before the pre-participation screening of cardiovascular is carried out ("American Heart Association, Inc. However, this approach has a low potential of showing dangerous cases of cardiovascular diseases. The pre-participating screening is always effective where communication channels are open because they provide an opportunity to increase trust among participants.

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The framework allows parties to offer quality feedback and follow-up where necessary. Injury Risk Factors in Sport and Exercise and How to Limit These Factors There are various sociocultural, psychology, physical, and environmental factors that increase the risk of an individual sustaining an injury during a sport. Methods used to handle some of the causes of sports injury work on the same principle as the interventions put in place by athletic trainers to decrease the impact of sports injury risk. Some of these techniques include the following; using protective clothing and equipment and altering the training approach. Sport injury risks associated with psychological factors are more mental such as the ability to take risks, mood, and stress (Lambert, 2015). On the contrary, physical factors include things within the environment where the athletes carry out their daily training, for example, slippery floors, equipment, and rugged surfaces.

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Sociocultural factors involve external influences such as the officiating approach used, coaching technique, and fatigue. The aforementioned sport injury risks impact the possibility of hurting an individual by exposing him or her to injurious circumstances, dangerous items, and behaviors used. The role played by the level of the participant’s developmental stage is evident in all the four classes namely, physical, psychological, biological, and sociocultural. Various sports have rules and regulations that require the participant to wear the protective gear all the time while competing. This is necessary to make sure that the risk of getting injured is highly reduced. The coach and individual player must ensure that they have well-fitting protective equipment before taking part in a competitive event. Usually, there are injuries that athletes sustain while moving equipment from one location to another.

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For example, participants might get a back strain or broken limb when trying to assist in the transportation of large and heavy items. Muscles are sensitive to heat. Therefore, warming up gives muscles the required levels to tolerate possible stretching. Appropriate approaches should be utilized during warming up so that to allow blood to flow effectively and provide room for muscles to be elastic. Fifth, athletes should use resistance training designs on a regular basis to keep them strong and increase their degree of endurance. The method has the potential of improving the performance of an individual. In conclusion, the discussion above captures various dynamics that are necessary during physical and sports exercise. It is notable that pre-participation screening is necessary among all athletes so that to prevent cases of sudden cardiac death.

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