Stopping Gun Violence in America

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In fact, there are over 350 million firearms in use, against a population of less than 330 million. Again, due to easy access of the weapons, in 2013, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CFC), there were over 33,636, firearm-related deaths, and 84,258 firearm-related injuries (VPC). In the wake of the violence, children become victims or even perpetrators. Parents also encourage their children, some as young as five years, to own a gun. In effect, violence levels will only escalate. There are several ways of solving the issue of gun violence. First, changing the background system and legislation could reduce the amount of violence. The lack of proper laws in the country contributes to gun violence. Again, those states that have strict gun laws have fewer deaths compared to those with relaxed policies (Gaudiano).

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Moreover, the second amendment and subsequent adjustments to it only empower people to own firearms, as opposed to ending the prevalence. With high rates of corruption, these firearms will always find their way into homes. The disagreement by the Republicans and Democrats on the appropriate laws would delay the ascension of bills. A relevant example is the Fix NICS Act, which stalled. Changing the Age Limit. Currently, the age limit in most states on gun ownership is 21. Likewise, the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has significant influence on this subject, will oppose the efforts fiercely, dragging any progress. Arming Teachers. School shootings have prompted leaders, including President Trump, to consider arming teachers with guns. The reason is that a reasonable individual (teacher) can stop the wrong person (armed student), from shooting others (Lopez).

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There have been successful interventions by school staff in mass shooting incidences in the state. Equally, the policies in place have proved ineffective in restricting violence due to corruption and black markets. Among the majority of the youth, Black people and Latinos are in favour of restrictive gun regulations compared to White people. Even so, the populous agree that thorough background checks should be done before handing out weapons. 47% of women feel less safe when they see an individual carrying a gun in public (DePrang). Additionally, over 61% of the women believe that harsher gun control efforts will minimize violence, 29% think the laws are okay, while 8% want them laxer. In effect, they have dismal impacts in ending violence in schools (VPC). Regardless, they favour stricter policies on gun controls and advocate for regulation, given that it is a consumer product.

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Raising the age limit is a sound decision for the group. A higher age restriction is likely to lower deaths caused by people below this age limit. Partisan Consideration Democrats. Conclusion/Recommendation Ending gun policy is imperative in making America a safe society. For one, the high death tolls would escalate without proper measures. There are three options for reducing gun violence: increase legislation and background checks, changing the age limit, and arming teachers. Black and Hispanic youths are more likely to support stricter restrictions on gun ownership. A majority of women equally want tougher rules imposed as well. Democrats. “Our Platform. ” Democrats. org, Democrats, 2016, www. democrats. 2018, https://www. usatoday. com/story/news/politics/2018/02/23/after-florida-school-shooting-best-thing-gun-debate-might-more-science/365045002/. Gutowski, Stephen. “NRA Stands by Opposition to Raising Gun Ownership Age.

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