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The author then changes the topic to the area of concern; the change of logos. This becomes more specific to the readers and more attractive from the beginning. The author arranges his points in the essay such the advantages of this transformation are given their paragraphs, the drawbacks are also given their paragraphs, survey references also have their paragraphs, and the conclusion even starts in its paragraphs. Each argument, either a disadvantage or an advantage is given an explanation and evaluation. This becomes easy for the reader to understand the essay. The author provides an analysis of other companies that have been able to use wordless logos. According to the author, some of such companies and which have been able to do better in the market are Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s.

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From this, the audience can understand some of the implications that may come up out of this move that the company has taken. Another way that the author compares the company is by comparing it to other worldwide companies. The company has been compared to Venom and PayPal, which are also other worldwide leading companies in the online transfer of money. The essay is also explanatory. Elaboration and an example supports each claim that the author gives. There is also the explicit citation of each of these claims. The author also has provided a past analysis of the way that the company has been able to transform the appearance of its logos in the past in a pictorial manner. This makes the essay easy to read and understand.

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Also, the pictorial presentation of the changes in the logo of McDonald and MasterCard is likely to confuse the reader. With the introduction lacking a clear direction of the company that the essay is focusing, one may confuse which is the company of focus because of the extensive examples that are given in the essay. It could have been important if the author did not go to a deep analysis of the examples that are provided in the essay but could state them. Extension of the author’s arguments From the essay, the main focus is the changing nature of the business world. The message that comes out from the essay is that symbols are more productive in the market than mere words.

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