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Again, substance abuse gives users a false feeling, and they do not view things in real life situations. According to Levy & Williams (2016), the use of substances is higher in the United States and Eastern Europe where about 5 to 6% of the population in these two regions is substance abusers. The percentage shows that in 20 individuals one person uses substances. The same study indicates that 2-5% of individuals from Oceania, America western and Central Europe are substance users while 1-2% of the population from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are using drugs. This percentage is a bit low as it shows that only a few individuals who live under substance influence from these areas. (2016), the involved bodies can as well use tertiary prevention that involves rehabilitation and treatment after individuals have started using the substance and it has caused negative impacts.

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As per Levy & Williams (2016) substance abuse can also be addressed through brief intervention. This is a strategy that identifies potential substance abuse and motivates people to take action and stop abusing substances. This type of intervention involves screening and assessment that offers a therapist with information and advice on how an individual can reduce the usage of substances. This intervention is used on individuals who have not yet taken a step in looking for treatment. The number of black Americans rose from 21 percent to 28 percent where the female consuming these substances raised from 20% to 24%; high school graduates changed from 63% to 75 percent. Again the percentages of those who are homeless increased from 15 to 19, for the unemployed the pattern was similar because the numbers increased from 77 to 84 percent and the number of those who developed psychological problem increased from 17 percent to 32 percent.

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Therefore the number of admission regarding the history of substance abuse treatment increased from 39 to 46 percent (Coffman, 2016). The rate of those admitted for treatment of substance abuse increased not because all people consuming substance has decided to stop but was because the number of consumption has increased. For instance, in California, the survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that about 10. According to Espada et al. (2015) Substance use continues to be a growing problem in current society. This is because substance use has turned to be a catalyst for most primary social issues in the world including violence, child negligence, stress as well as drugged driving and it sometimes results to joblessness, homelessness, and acts of crime.

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A recent the United States America Today article, more and more Americans are dying because of drug overdose today where about 44,000 individuals are dying per year as result of overdose compared to those dying from a car accident and another type of injuries together. Substance abuse has gone even to affect families negatively and unborn children because even women are consuming substances while they are pregnant. (2016) indicate that about 35 million individuals from united states aged 65 years and above are substance abusers. The number is expected to rise by 2030 because more middle age individuals are current consuming substance. In this regard, Drug and substance control bodies should come up with a preventative intervention that will help nonusers not ever to start the consumption.

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