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Generally, success entails a wide variety of factors that can be used to measure success, and as such, there are a number of forms of success that can be seen or used in this case. Success can be used or applied in any place; it is applicable to a personal setting, in a race or event, financially wise, and also health wise. These are among the few aspects that define success. One of the measures that are used for success is how happy a person may be. Within the social premises of a society, how happy a person is can be termed as success. Therefore, when looking at the levels of success as far as the health of a person is concerned, people consider themselves lucky when they find out that they have lived a healthy and long life.

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In addition, still on the basis of health and their relation to success, one feels successful in the event that they find that their family members are healthy. Take for example a father who knows that his daughter is healthy and it is for this reason that the nurses, pharmacist exist, in order to make the lives of people successful. Educational success and other forms of achievement such as winning races, achieving top positions and high performance within an organization and also other achievements can also be considered as a success. In this case, the evaluation of the factors is normally assessed based on the movement of one point to a higher or greater point. The last but not the least form of success that can be seen in this case is the overcoming of hardships and struggles in life.

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People go through a lot of hardships such as hunger, abuse, and also wars and the moment that they are free from all this, they may consider themselves as having become successful. These hardships are what are considered to define a person, and across history, there are a number of people that have been considered to have gone through hardships and come out of them successful or effective. Take for instance the lives of great people, and as such, when it comes to evaluate success based on the lives and hardships of people, this can be adopted as an achievement or a success factors. Therefore, from the assessment of all these factors, success may be seen to vary in a number of ways, and when it comes to the measurement of success, it will heavily depend on the form of success that is being talked about within this case.

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