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Notably, in majority of the areas, there has existed debates and talks of what may become out of the initiatives. The talks are based on the perspective that New York’s High Line has succeeded appropriately. Further, it serves as an elevated freight-based spur which extends from the West Side of Manhattan and goes beyond the Hudson River (Hutter 124). After it opened as a park in 2009, High Line’s vistas and plantings depicted tasteful designs and weaved through various redbrick bastions of the cities previous and current buildings (Chaban n. p. Notably, one major element of the High Line is a combination of innovative initiatives from the non-profit, private, and public sectors. According to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the projects carried out in New York as part of the High Line demonstrate economic vitality and growth in the entire city.

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They also illustrate the commitment of the city’s administration towards the enhancement of economic growth. As part of the public sector, the Mayor notes that the start of the final stage of Manhattan’s High Line Park is a major boost (Paulsen n. p. It gave the borough another alternative to understanding sports and concerts. High Line is an inclusive public space. This means that possesses four mutually supportive aspects of access. As an inclusive public space, High Line offers various forms of space such as physical access, social access, access to different types of information, and access to activities as well as intercommunications. The rationale for this inference is that High Line does not discriminate individuals as to who should access and who should be physically present.

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This aspect aligns with the ethical issue in New York City in that the wealthy areas flourish and the poorer regions suffer (Loughran 316). This is bad because it does not embrace equality for all individuals. As mentioned, this can be solved through gentrification. Gentrification can succeed in that it would eliminate unnecessary stereotypes and categorization of people into their social classes. It would also alleviate poverty and promote equity among the city dwellers. This is relevant because it would ensure that people are united and involved in an ordinary course. The High Line is sustainable and green. It serves as a green roofing on top of a raised track from a railroad. Further, there exist different categories in the living roofing, inclusive of a porous drainage system.

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Sustainability is also demonstrated in that materials utilized in the High Line were obtained depending on the life-cycle expenses. This is because gentrification has played its role appropriately. The other winners are planners from other cities. This is because they have copied successful initiatives from High Line (Ulam n. p. ) Further, they have identified mistakes in the High Line and strive to avoid such problems. As noted, the Ranch on Rails Plan focuses on the use of past resources. However, the High Line emphasizes using current resources. For instance, FHL focuses on the employment of youth people between the ages of 16 and 21 to take part in the Youth Corps Program. Additionally, rather than generating old resources from such individuals, FHL is different from the Ranch on Rails Plan it is manifested alongside an involving program.

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Rather than being seen as focusing on previous projects, it is portrayed as a grassroots initiatives, encouraged by the vision and passion of two local individuals, namely Robert Hammond and Joshua David (Ulam n. Sustainable and Green Ranch on Rails Plan The Ranch on Rails plan is sustainable and green. For instance, using the group’s vision, the Montauk Cutoff would host two greenhouses. The greenhouses will play a crucial role as farmers will be able to grow vegetables and facilitate an outdoor educative garden that is capable of hosting various school groups. The plan is also green because it formulates the availability of grape vineyards (Ranch on Rails, n. p. The plan also focuses on the expansion of Smiling Hogshead Ranch’s success.

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This is a plan aimed at triggering environmental educators, society members, groups in different learning institutions, and other individuals to the neighborhood. These activities enhance the green and sustainable environment. Summary There are certain ways to prevent gentrification from occurring as a result of the adaptive reuse programs. One of the ways is by saving the public domain. If I were creating my High Line project if money was not an issue, I would focus on improving access to affordable housing. The houses would also be located near the place of work to ensure that people reduce the costs incurred while commuting to and from work. I would also emphasize generating sustainability by using proper waste disposal channels. Such channels would trigger treatment of wastewater before releasing it to water sources.

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