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What it actually does is to show a person the amount of damage they cause if people would be living the particular lifestyle tested. However, it is impossible for every person to live the same lives because needs are different in terms of the manner in which people demand nature. What one person demands is very different from what another person may be in demand of. My ecological footprint stands at 4. 5 piles of earth. The first behavior is my eating habits. Maybe I consume too much in terms of the vegetation. When it is done slowly; it is impossible to notice the damages caused. It is very difficult to change eating habits. Initially, I thought that vegetarians are saving the world more but this result says a different thing.

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Imagine having 4. 5 piles of earth to accommodate people having the same lifestyles as ours. This is just ridiculous because it is impossible. However, the theory is very interesting. Another behavior that has contributed to this is the number of time we eat unprocessed food which is locally produced. This will go a long way in ensuring that earth is not damaged. However, this cannot be achieved because everyone must have a place to live. The material with which our house is constructed with is good because it does not in any way cause damages to nature. Our house is constructed using concrete. The amount of damage this causes is minimal probably because there must have been some type of wood used in the process.

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Assuming that the house was large then it would mean that more wood had been used during the construction (Wackernagel, Mathis and William, 4). This, in turn, would have meant that more damage is caused to the environment. The number of people living in the house also translates to the amount of waste that is disposed of. Having a lot of waste mat5erial that are not properly disposed of is very unhealthy. If everyone else would behave in the same way, then we would need more than one earth in order to be accommodated properly but still with the sale problems we have today. It is good that most people have tried to create a situation where they dispose their waste products the right way.

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This has however been achieved in very few places and most regions are still suffering. Achieving this will be very hard because it requires a lot of hard work to make it possible. It would mean that a lot of finances are put in when currently, the world is dealing with several other issues. The sustainable development goals have not been given the right amount of attention to ensure that they come to be true. This is a disadvantage to the economic growth. The number of people consuming and not working is therefore very huge. Achieving the sustainable development goals is the process that needs the inputs of everyone. This is the part where broad participation should be done. Everyone should also be given an opportunity to give their thoughts and inputs on the process of ensuring that the world achieves this sustainable development because, at the end of the day, it is going to benefit everyone.

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