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Just to outline few reasons why pronunciation matters rather than spelling: Firstly, proper pronunciation enhances clarity on sentence stress. Clear pronunciation stress in a sentence is very important for it is the mother of all information in English. Without proper stress in communication, there will be misunderstanding between the producers and the receiver. For the receiver will be desperately struggling to differentiate what is being passed and what they perceive to be right as per their understanding and mastery of English language. Secondly, good pronunciation ensures proper intonations are used at all time while an information is being passed or when one is communicating. This is because it is lower and centralized than the rest. In addition to being a lax vowel, it is also a rounding vowel, for when it is voiced the lips are rounded.

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{ʌ} pronounced at the back of the core (backness) with the lips wide open and the tongue at the middle. The sound comes from the lower back of the core hence lowness. 8) (4) the difference between vowel and consonant sounds is that in vowel sounds, there is no blockage of air and the voice tracts. It is also a language, which has different pronunciation, grammar, and even the lexis involved in its use. While accent is the standard language used by many people but its pronunciation may be defined differently by those who used it depending on their first dialect or mother language. 14) The distinction between two dialects of the same language and two forms that should be labeled separate based on political and social.

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Based on Oakland’s Ebonics resolution, he stated that for students whose first language was Ebonics, his resolution for legitimacy and richness. Language acquisition gives them the best mastery of the language in English. 20) (6) indeed, differential power relations influence a lot in mastery of a language. For instance, those brought up from the royal family of greater political dynasties may speak better language than those from the streets, who instead of developing a good English language end up coming with slangs (Laski, 2016). Question 2 1) (5) descriptive adjectives are words that are used before now to shed more light on what the noun seems to be or how it appears. Example, a white suitcase. A long journey 2) (6) closed word refers to certain group of functional words in grammar that forms part of speech but cannot easily accept new members i.

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Banter brings a lot of humor, laughter and strong relationships. While gossip refers to idle chatty conversations about peoples affairs full of rumors or uncontacted facts whose grounds of truth cannot be substantiated. It creates more enmity than friendships (Casares, 2014). 6) (5) Sharon looks beautiful. Is the predicate adjective 7) (5) both tense and aspect are properties of a verb, but they affect it differently. g. doors) 12) (4) label as containing instances of deixis or false deixis That chair is broken; come sit with me (false deixis) That is something we do not normally discuss in this family (false deixis) Do you like this shirt or the green one? (Deixis) It was pouring this morning (deixis)     References Casares, R. Universal Grammar is a Universal Grammar.  SSRN Electronic Journal.

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