Ted Bundy Case Study

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He lived with his grandparents for some time and he was bitter with his mother for never telling him about his father. He was reported to have been acting weird even in his early stages of growth. His social life was complicated as he claimed that he did not have the sense of making friends and he therefore wanted to stay alone. He studied at the University of Puget Sound and later relocated to the University of Washington but later he dropped out of the university. Later he joined the university again and graduated with an honor in psychology, (Seltzer 2013). He was reported to pretend that he was physically challenged and therefore he needed help to carry stuffs to his car a Volkswagen.

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In most times witnesses said that he had most of the times a hand in a sling faking a broken limb or at other times on crutches. He would seek help from the young ladies and hence end up kidnapping them and later killing and abducting them. He was also reported to fake identity where at one time he identified himself as a police officer so as to kidnap a lady who was a telephone operator. In his criminal activities he used his law enforcement knowledge so as to escape identification for several years. On his release he claimed that the police failed to find photos of his victims but he put them on fire. He was put on all day surveillance and his girlfriend was investigated and she said that she had found items in his house that she did not know what he was using them to do.

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These items included crutches, a meat that he never cooked, plasters, surgical gloves, a sack of ladies clothes, and a knife in a case made of wood. He was in possession of other items that she suspected were stolen and on confronting him he threatened her. He had a wheel spanner which he put in a trunk of another Volkswagen car that he used for protection. A bench trial which took four days found him guilty and was charged to a sentence of a minimum of one and a maximum of fifteen years for kidnapping and assault. Later he was charged with also the murder of Campbell and he was relocated to Aspen in the year 1977. He was jailed but he escaped and fled to Chicago where he continued with robbery, abductions and raping young females.

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He was reported of breaking to Margaret Bowman’s basement strangled her then also got in to Lisa bedroom strangled her and unconsciously beat her assaulted her sexually and bit her nipples. He also broke to Kathy’s bedroom beat her up, broke her jaw and teeth. In the year 1989 the 24th day of January he was executed in Raeford electric chair. Later his body was cremated and the ash were scattered in a place that was not disclosed so as to honor his will. Impact of the case on criminal justice system The offences of Ted Bundy are influential in the current serial killer dealings. His activities and actions have provided the United States and the world at large a close look at these uncommon and unusual sequential murderers.

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