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Many of the terrorists end up killing themselves or they are arrested and face charges which in many instances are death sentences. Many of these attacks are done in an area where there are a large number of people or in the transport industry especially trains and airplanes. However, reports indicate that terrorism has declined especially in the epicenters such as Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan significantly as of the report by global terrorism database (“Defining terrorism” 48). In America, there have been cases of terrorism conducted in recent years and the terrorists comprehended. This research is about three terrorists who conducted separate terrorist acts in America. It was reported that he had given out most of his belongings to a neighbor before he went to the shooting.

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He had also sent several emails to his superiors where he was concerned about his colleagues’ behaviors and actions after he evaluated them psychologically. Other emails that he had sent to his imam, Al-Awlaki, had information indicating that he wanted to conduct the killings. He had asked Al-Awlaki of the appropriate time for jihad and if it allowed for the killing of innocent lives during a suicide mission ("Hasan Cites a Motive for Attack"). In another email, he had indicated his interests in joining the Imam in the afterlife. He was described as a well-disciplined student by his tutors at UCL and was a quiet person. Having hailed from a family prominent in business in Nigeria, he had access to high-class education and international traveling.

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Before his arrest, he went silent and family members and friends said that he had begun to show signs of being an extremist in his views ("Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab"). In an instance reported, his father had gone to the US and the Nigerian authorities and warned them of his son’s extremist behaviors and views. After his parents lost contact with him, he traveled from Yemen to Ethiopia and later to Nigeria where he initiated his suicide bombing mission. After questioning by attendants, he said he had explosives sewed on his underwear. At the Detroit airport, Farooq was arrested by customs and border protection policy. He was hospitalized due to the burns. Abdul claimed to have obtained the materials in Yemen and was under the order of al-Qaeda who acknowledged their involvement ("Underwear Bomber Sues, Says Rights Violated in Prison").

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Abdul pleaded guilty of all count that he was charged within the court. Bomb squads were sent but no bomb was found at hose scenes. Von Brunn was charged with first-degree murder and a firearm violation. Several counts were indicated on James and four out of those could lead to death sentence. He was ordered to undergo a competency test to know if he could undergo a trial (Taylor). However, James was not to reach his verdict as he died a natural death while awaiting his trial on January 6, 2010. " San Antonio Express-News, 5 June 2013, www. mysanantonio. com/news/military/article/Hasan-cites-a-motive-for-attack-4577426. php. "Holocaust Memorial Shooting A Painful Reminder. html?utm_term=. 7af7604b10c7. Taylor, Matthew. "James Von Brunn, the Suspect in the Holocaust Memorial Museum Shooting, Has Links to the British National Party.

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