Textual Analysis of Africans and African Americans Conflicts Stereotypes and Grudges

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He examines the grudges, stereotypes, along with conflicts between these two groups, which not only impacts their co-existence but also their adaptation with each other. Historically, African Americans are believed to be descendants of the enslaved Africans, who were transported to the New World during the trans-Atlantic slave trade (Darboe, 1). Owing to the fact that Africans and African Americans descend from African cultures, one would reasonably expect them to co-exist and adapt harmoniously. Contrary to the expectation, lots of tension exist between the two. Throughout the article, it appears that Foday Darboe is attempting to persuade the reader to accept the fact that the stereotypes, grudges, and conflicts between Africans and African Americans impact their co-existence and adaptation to each other.

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Due to the problematic associations between these two groups, “more than 4,400 Africans living in Central Harlem have been routinely targeted and singled out for discrimination, and both verbal and physical abuse” (Darboe, 2). By citing the figures, Daboe makes his points more informative and enables the audience to know the state of affairs between African Americans and African immigrants. Audience Darboe's intended audience is his fellow academics, who are interested in learning more about the relations between African Americans and African immigrants. The reader can detect this throughout the article in the way Darboe cites the works of other researchers in developing his arguments. He clearly understands that academics are always interested in work that is supported by solid evidence. A formal language has been used throughout the article and this creates a sense of formality.

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This is detectable at the beginning of the article where the other formally states the aim of his research. "This research focuses critically on the relationship between African immigrants and African Americans in the United States. My objectives are to probe the issue between these two groups and analyze intergroup effects of conflicts, stereotypes, and grudges” (Darboe, 1) Through these words, one becomes aware of the formal tone that will be maintained in the entire work. The author’s information is objective, meaning that it is based on facts, observable, and measurable. S Census Bureau, which the author uses to further illustrate how these two groups relate. The information can be said to be both informative and persuasive as its purposes to inform the audience on how the two groups relate and persuade them that the relationship is characterized by animosity and suspicions.

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Lastly, Darboe focuses on various forces that influence the relationship between the two groups. Besides, he offers his concluding remarks and this last part is informative and persuasive. It offers information about the way African immigrant and African Americans relate and persuade the reader to accept the author’s stance. I am confident that if I was just reading the text, I could not have gained as much knowledge as I have gained through analyzing the article textually. Through textual analysis, I have understood the content, as well as the structure of the piece of work. Besides, I have also been in a position to describe the functions of the messages contained in the article and this helps me to understand it better.

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