The Comparison between Generation X and iGen

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The iGen generation is characterized by spending less time with their friends at the level of face to face, though perhaps they could be experiencing high levels of depression, anxiety and much of loneliness. Generation X is used to refer to those people who were born between 1960s and 1970s, while generation y is also referred to as “millennium generation”. Each generation has their traits which correspond to the generational archetypes. This paper aims at discussing the differences which exist between the Generation X and iGen's. The individuals of iGen are known of being nihilistic as well as cynical, which is somehow understandable when seen that they came of the age which is just in time in experiencing cold war with the fall of the Berlin wall which was a chain of economic problems as well as the epidemic of HIV Aids as I just name a few.

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most of the Americans were almost turned first to malaise then to cynicism. The iGen have a need of understanding themselves whenever they communicate with their elders explaining their views of their peers who are elders. This is because, the nation follows the iGen. Wherever the iGen goes is where our entire nation goes. iGen has shaped the lives of today for the teens as well as the young adults composing documentations of how their lives has changes their views on the world, attitudes as well as the health for the mind. Dr Twenge perceives Generation X as the generation which makes a view towards the world as it is based of change in compacting some vices such as abuse of power, corruption, HIV Aids.

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