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Administrators have vital roles to play in organizations. Therefore, they have to possess high levels of knowledge and skill in all areas of operation and identify themselves with the latest technology skills 1. 1 Compare Different Management Styles Management is also called administration. It involves the process of controlling, duty delegation, and decision making to achieve a company's goals. To achieve these objectives, the management has to make effective choices as it is their administrative duty. Laissez-Faire and democratic Management are similar only that the former is more flexible (Baldwin & Padgett, 1994 280). Workers are free in their operations. 2 Discuss Leadership Characteristics In organizations, leadership is an essential part of a company's executive operations. The administrators should have certain qualities that enable them to guide their employees to corporate success.

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To be a great leader, these individuals should possess certain qualities to enable them to run the organization well. Burger King was established in July 1953 in Florida, USA. Both organizations are in the hospitality industry where they offer fast foods. Both companies have been in the industry for a long time. Therefore, they must have effective communication processes. In both companies, they use both written and verbal methods of communicating. Demographic- demography is the distinction in racism, age level, and general life cycle. Both McDonald's and Burger King must prepare their workers to deal with these variations in demography. Legislative- both Burger King and McDonald's have franchising systems. This is because host countries may have legal restrictions that bar multinational companies from doing business.

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Task Two 2. I also take the time to listen to what my subordinates have to say. I prefer to use the democratic style of management as it allows other employees to express their ideas. 2 Analyze Personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Strengths 1. I am able to manage multiple projects under different teams 2. I am skillful in every department of operations 3. It also means that if at the management level, the objective is important. Additionally, it is good to diversify objectives and carry out training. T is for Time- this refers to the ti frame given to achieve these objectives. Task 3 3. Be Able To Show Managerial Skills within a Business and Services Context 3. In the same way, the managers may decide not to indulge in a certain market or release a particular product (Cunningham, 1981 54).

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This can be effective in reducing costs incurred by the company. Different events take place in the daily operations. Therefore, management should always be keen with the decisions they make. They should ensure they place the company and employees first. Since I also have weaknesses, I will use the available company resources like training facilities to improve these areas. I will take advantage of my ability to handle technology enhancements to further improve company operations. This will also give me a chance for a promotion. Lastly, I will use my skills to promote the whole community and promote corporate social responsibility with my firm. Career and Personal Development Needs, Current Performance and Future Needs to Produce Development Plan In the development of my career in the hospitality industry, many factors come to play.

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