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Therefore, exploitation of most sources of energy will have a significant effect on the environment, the economy, the population and the exhaustion of the energy source itself which creates an energy crisis. A major shortfall is projected which will be about 2. 4 gigawatts in 2018 (CPP Bloggers). The demand for electricity in the US is increasing and its supply from reliable sources cannot suffice to maintain this demand. Furthermore, by law, the creation of a new power source can be complicated since it has to meet the standards set out by the US government concerning greenhouse gases so that the goals to reduce emissions is realized. These sources are however cheaper sources of energy and the reserves exist in large amounts of the nation making it a difficult ask to reduce the utilization (Zielinski).

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Some other non-renewable sources such as oil provide petroleum which accounts for 92% of the energy required for transportation and only 1% used in the generation of electricity. But their effect on the environment is significant releasing a lot of carbon dioxide that results in global warming and pollution. This creates the need to reduce their exploitation and usage. Nuclear energy is also a non-renewable source of electric power that has serious effects on the environment even though it provides the necessary energy required to meet energy demands (EIA Editors). EIA Editors. “Americans use many types of energy. ” EIA, 2017: https://www. eia. gov/energyexplained/?page=us_energy_home Accessed 16th May 2018. edu/egee102/node/1930 Accessed 16th May 2018. Zielinski, Sarah. “The U. S. could switch to mostly renewable energy, no batteries needed.

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