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In the film, Ellen Burstyn acted as Chris MacNeil and performed the role of a single mother. On the other hand, Jason Miller acted as Father Karis while Linda Blair played the role of a possessed girl named Regan MacNeil. Mercedes McCambridge acted as a possessed voice of Regan (The Exorcist). The Exorcist movie was nominated for the award of Best Cinematography. However, it did not win in that category but scooped the Best Picture altogether with the Best Director award. The movie also emerged the best in the Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Supporting Actress among others. The movie is usually rated as R, it is scary and also filled with sexual talk, images and actions, swearing in addition to violent scenes (The Exorcist). MacDonald (4) defines exorcism film as a movie that combines the seven exorcism narrative in the performance and making more relevance of iconography. The performance which comprises purification taps on using a possessed female and also a crisis in a male. The parental crisis is well depicted while a spiritual warrior comes in to offer the much-needed support. The main locations of the Exorcist film comprised of a home, church, hospital and the state to highlight moving objects, something burning, possessed and spoke in other languages as a supernatural phenomenon. In the film, the author also uses spectacle horror elements through a possessed body, performance, and celebrations. Elbert says the Exorcist is one of the best horror films for people who like watching movies in theatres.

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When the film was first released, it attracted old, young, male and female audiences. The scenes watched on Youtube clips according to Elbert depicts exited people entering the theatre, but their moods change when they get out after watching. According to Harry Francis, the manager, Westwood theatre claims while watching the film more people were seen fainting, crying while others were shaken. Friedkin and Blatty were interviewed in the clip by an expert on the devil vs. priest subject. One of the police officers confessed that it was his first experience to watch such a horror film. Agree that while watching the film most of the audience felt shocked, nausea and horrified. The traumatic experience of patients was also highlighted by Ballon and Molyn (214) after subjecting patients to watching the film.

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Each patient experienced a problem in the form of weird thoughts such as loss of a parent or a spouse and felt ambivalent. The patients were eventually recommended for psychotherapy of seven sessions to clear the symptoms. Heisler (158 -170) claims the supernatural effects in any film aids to inject fear and create a real event to the audience and rated it as the best horror movie. However, (Berardinelli) differs with Heister by stating that the film is overrated. Dika (133) in his analysis claims, time has changed, and the postmodern horror movies deploy pastiche, a style that writers adapt to pay tribute to previous works through influencing the composition and style. She points out the products of the early eighties and late seventies as the best cinematic and narrative materials in the history of cinema that reflected on the real issues Americans faced.

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Dalton emphasizes on the stage design by stating the MacNeil house was premeditated into a more of gothic labyrinth under lit rooms that portrayed lurking shadows. He applauds the projection of video and Regan’s bedroom wallpapers which contained ripples, bleeds and also swims to represent nightmarish visions. Also, Regan’s head-twisting stunts portrayed shock value while degrading other images as magic tricks. Regan physically attacks the priest and Chris in the form of a snake symbolizing evil. The author introduces the movie with Father Merrin a priest aiding Regan. The priest holds the medal which has a picture of Saint Joseph and standing just in front of the demonic sculptures (Diente). The author uses symbolism to represent righteous and wickedness. In the early 1970s, the US failed to capture the much-needed concepts of an ideal family thus to fulfil the desires of most Americans.

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