The expansion of Human Services in Allegheny County

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Maintenance of the care, maintenance of the property as well as the property is some of the duties that the commissioners performed (Stahl, et al. In the County, some issues have risen on the rational model process and which criticizes the model. The sensible model process was said to be dogmatic because the initiatives of the policy practically promoted the lives of the persons with disabilities for the troupers and the families as well. The creativities demonstrated by the commissioner have reinforced competence, impartiality, and the goals of parity and the freedom of the region. The rational model aimed at encouraging the different levels of the government to ensure that they meet the necessities of the vulnerable population as well as providing that they create opportunities for every person in the country, whether male or female (Stahl, et al.

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When the shoes have been worn out, the parents of these children will put cardboard in the running shoe of their children because they could not afford to acquire the new ones. Thomas believed that these children could do their best because they only needed a chance to do so. Therefore, when examining the policy of the administration and the subsequent processes, the rational model is a critical perspective in this area. The model gives an outline of making system as a way of solving problems in which the process is balanced, rational and analytical. The policymakers should thereby reason considering the needs of every individual in their region. The interests of the public might not be respected by the politicians because the politicians support the systems which assist them in turn as well as their political agendas.

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In this case, it is clear that the changes of the [policies will automatically affect the public thereby benefiting the politicians only. According to research, politicians are unlikely to come up with strategies that will reduce their political powers as well as undertaking the unpopular policies (Bell, et al. Mainly, they will encourage coming up with the plans that will acquire them votes from the public and the systems that will make them to become more potent in the societies. In order to avoid such instances of politicians encouraging the policies that only favor them, it is the public who decides who they should vote for and elect as their leaders who would safeguard their interests, and this explains how the public process models comes all about.

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In this policy, the leaders can come up with broader ways of addressing the issues of the public in the ever-changing public environment. Thomas used this kind of a model in executing his duties in the County. In this case, he understood the human services and the health of the public. As such, he encouraged the local leaders to develop ideas that would, in turn, help the society instead of promoting their interests. An example of this is seen when Thomas gave Chuck Peters the authority of being the mental retardation officer so that he could establish the policies that would have a positive impact in the public sector (Brooks, et al. Therefore in solving the issues in the world, various steps need to be followed to ensure that you keep on the right track.

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The Kingdon’s three-stream model clarifies why some there is need to consider some issues in the policy process and why others should not be followed. This gave light to the Allegheny County in the development of the human services policy to address the issues of people (Brooks, et al. Conclusion Policy making in the Allegheny County is a very important process that took place. A number of solutions have been identified and solved in the region and this has led to the provision of better services of the human race. Amount of naloxone used to reverse opioid overdoses outside of medical practice in a city with increasing illicitly manufactured fentanyl in illicit drug supply.  Substance abuse, (just-accepted), 01-12. Brooks, M.

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