The growth of American freedom since 1865

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For instance, the Civil Rights movement and the reconstruction period (Link, N. P). No idea and achievement is more rewarding to American citizens and the nation at large as freedom. The commonly used term in our political field, freedom is deeply rooted in the record of our history and the language of our daily life. The declaration of independence was a sign of liberty to the Americans and the constitution secured the people’s liberty. P). The journey became more complicated for the freed slaves as they could not enjoy their freedom following the introduction of the black codes but after the 14th Amendment, some light was shed towards the achievement of freedom since the souths were assured of their civil rights.

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During this period, a great step towards Americans understanding and expression of freedom was achieved however it was not to the expectation since the souths were not allowed to vote and they had not fully integrated with the North. The fruits of the reconstruction period were realized almost 100 years later during the Civil Rights Movement but the fact is this was as a result of the changes made the same period earlier. In the 19th century, the American freedom continued to reach greater heights. However, this changed following the creation of awareness about what a woman was capable of doing. Women were also protected from mistreatment and disrespect the entire society with time started to accord the desired respect to women.

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This is exactly what is being enjoyed today as all human beings regardless of the gender have equal rights and should be treated fairly. In addition, women were granted voting rights and this was a great move towards realizing the true freedom the nation enjoys to date. Freedom in American history has not only been to the people but also to other economic activities such as trade. This was a great respect for humanity and it contributed towards building an integrated world that is capable of living together regardless of the origin, gender, race among other differences. During the era of the cold war which was actually a continuation of the World War II battles, the world was divided into two camps (capitalism and communism).

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United states took a lead in the cold war with an aim of protecting human freedom. All the American presidents up to 1960 spoke of a national mission of defending the free world and protecting freedom all over the world (Costigliola 1332). This was a sign of how precious freedom not only to Americans but all people in the world. People’s thinking and understanding of freedom has really changed from one century to another and since change is inevitable, several changes shall also be expected in the future. Works cited Addams, Jane, and Christopher Lasch.  The social thought of Jane Addams. Bobbs-Merrill, 1965. Costigliola, Frank.  Wilson, Volume II: The New Freedom. Vol. Princeton University Press, 2015.

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