The media and social problems

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The group of people who have access to the internet can access any information available. Forms of media may vary, that is, from print media to mass communication, and this variety of media help to educate, inform, and entertain. The most trending media is social media. It is the most accessed media today and has brought acted as a common platform for people across different geographical areas. The effectiveness of media is largely depending on whether it meets the needs and interest of the people. This has improved productivity and has imparted skills through demonstration from experts and the dummies can learn from them. Additionally, mass communication media have created job opportunities for individuals with an interest in sourcing information from different geographical areas.

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The media helps to raise voice against social evils. This is one of the constructive roles that media play. More often, there are some social evils like female foeticide, gender discrimination, or racism directed to certain group by individuals in the society and the victims may not receive justice. Free media are an effective correction and check on corruption. Furthermore, the media provides a platform that helps citizens hold the government accountable (Van Deursen and Helsper 2017). Since the media is the main source of information and connects the public to the outside world, the media provides necessary information to the citizens and empowers them to debate for accountability from the government. Independent media influence democratic governance. The media provides information that can help boost the economy and better decision making.

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Moreover, the media seem to reinforce some dominant behaviors in society especially influenced by opinion leaders and primary groups becoming a social problem. The growth and the representation of violence, implicit sex in social media and mass communication have caused more social problems. The representation of violence in the media will affect the media consumers who are likely to suffer from mean world syndrome (Kellner, 2004). They are will believe that the world is a place of violence and might induce depression and fear. Consequently, the audience is desensitized and vulnerable to violent behaviors and actions. The media deregulation may undermine democracy. The reduction in government control and removal of rules governing media gives power to corporate control. The roles of media are to inform the people, allow the public to participate in the civic debate, and democratic dialogue (Kellner, 2004).

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The media deregulation will increase corporate control. In turn, these corporates will tend to increase their own interest and agendas deflecting from the democratic purpose. This will influence public opinion. Thus, the hatred will spread among the communities which is a major crisis in society. Therefore, there is a need for media diversity to expose the citizens to view situations as a common issue which may result in opportunities. In conclusion, the media has a great impact on society. The media increase awareness and provide changes across social issues. "Social Media And The Struggle For Society".  Social Media + Society1 (1): 1-2. Burton, Graeme.  Media And Society. Maidenhead: Open University Press. , & Kumar, R. A Study on Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Society.

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