The Police Internship with Athens Clarke County Police Department

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Its principal objective is to endlessly discourse surfacing trends in crime, demands, and challenges facing the entire police departments, the feasible solutions, and the prevention policies to control the raised issues, and by the application and usage of the current technological advancement. With the experiences and skills gained at the internship, I came out and learned that the police departments had got different ways in responding to the 911 dispatcher. The critical fundamental ways include; blackout curtains which worked exceptionally well for most of the police officers, most of them like listening to the music which helps them in retiring to the bed. It was also crucial for most of the police officers not to be eating for a few hours before going to sleep.

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The practices enabled the police officers to give out their level best in serving the general public within the jurisdiction of the necessary laws. The patrolling officers were engaging the general public. The patrolling police officers serve a very significant role in coming out with the best policing strategies within a given area. Most of the crime incidences occur in the street level, the officers on duty tries to provide the citizens and other key stakeholders with an opportunity in interacting with the police. Such kind of engagement with the police officers might result in the citizens giving out valuable information to the police officers which plays a critical role in maintaining the safety and security of the regions. The police officers pass necessary advice to the citizens which creates awareness on what ought to be done over the security issues.

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When there is series of patrols carried out by the police officers, it automatically improves on the chances that they would respond promptly to the emergency calls and be in a better position to aid a victim swiftly and clasp criminals before they can flee to the place to cause more problems. It has also improved on the reporting system within the police department as most of the complaints raised by the citizens are amicably solved. The police patrols concentrate mostly on the interactions of the traffic, conducts the stoppages in the roads and issue tickets (Riccucci et al. It is therefore worthy to note that the police officers have proofed to be the law enforcers in the country and plays vital role in the steadfast of the nation.

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The state should, therefore, give the necessary support by financing them with the resources needed which will affect positively on the entire security department of the nation. Terroristic threat refers merely to the penal code offenses as per the police department in the country. As per the security department in the country, a person is said to have committed the attack of the terroristic threat if somebody has threatened to commit any offense involving violence to any person or the property with the intent of placing a person in fear of impending physical severe harm. Therefore, there are various precautionary ways that the entire police departments have been taking into consideration to reduce the increasing crime cases. These safety measures have been discussed as follows; all the stakeholders must always be alert and understanding clearly with the surrounding environment, the people and everything that is happening within.

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