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Unsettled parking ticket, a smashed taillight, an offense of abusing drugs, taking a nap on a park or a sidewalk can out-come to imprisonment. This escalating phenomenon of multi-faced suffering from crime association because of poverty is not new. Assistance from public project gave birth to preconception contrary to beneficiaries and to methodical attempts to prevent access to the cooperation. Noted by K Gustafson a professor in the University of California, interchange of income, gender prejudice and race were still there in 1960s and 1970s where single mothers and the black people were believed to be unlawful, lazy, immoral welfare liars. Government aid for the poor in 1980s saw that the demography became the representation of everything wrong. The topic relates to my personal life in terms of barricades to revert for recurring citizens, high national value of barricades to unemployment and also obstacles to proper immediate human wants.

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Barricades to be hired and to access general services are highly impacting a greater population in the United States as a result of escalating times of convictions and arrests. Upon their freedom, jailed individuals face heavy challenges to returning back to the society. This existing barricade makes the chances of getting employment and entries to mental health favor, childcare, food and housing aid restrictive. Many prisoners are formerly denied the right to vote. African American students resulted to two-thirds of the total suspensions in the year 2011 and 2012. The student leadership council consisted of only 40 percent of black students and in terms of class disruption, profanity and social crimes like drug abuse and possession, 85 percent were blacks. Most students of the marginalized black descent are at greater risk when out of school and in pubescent and system of criminal justice.

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Most of black descent students are affected by getting juvenile incrimination which makes then to drop out of school to face justice. How has definition of deviance changed through history? The poor population in the United States of America is still growing with time due to the growth of the rich which makes the basic needs to hike in value thus oppressing the poor who continue to struggle. After the justice department or the police murdered Michael Brown, they gave substantial report about the occurrences taking place in Ferguson. The report showed that the governing authority was the predator which was obtaining revenues from the locals, and the form of low-wage earning of the black community. There was usage of fees, interests and fines by the courts, investigating police and jails that got the locals into the system of criminal jurisdiction.

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It was noted that 90 percent of the persons who faced impositions of fees and fines were African Americans and the style of payments was increasing with time, thus oppressing them more (Soss, 2017). Religion wise, it wrong to kill and seal and we should help the poor or the needy. Currently the racial discrimination in USA is greatly reducing and providing more room for African Americans in USA to have equal opportunities in the Country. On the other hand, the way of executing or enforcing justice to the poor has not yet improved. The poor in the USA face harsh conditions in terms of Justice and basic needs, such as housing, food and health services. The environment that you are in, affect your social-economic and cultural status either positively or negatively in USA.

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