The Process of Cremation and the Bible

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It is of interest to understand the concept of cremation to realize the need of a society that has values and codes of living that dictate the essence of life. Therefore, the process triggers critical thinking on the lives of human beings and helps in the exercise of life after death as reviewed in this research paper. The Body of the Research Paper The Process of Cremation Participants in this study were ten members and the research were done through analysis of secondary sources, interviews, and active participation to establish the process. Findings show that Cremation involves subjection of a dead body under high temperatures about 1400 to 1800 degrees Celsius to reduces the corpse into ashes that ultimately reduces the body to its essential elements.

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The elements include dried bones, skeleton, and hard cells that become visible after the process and that makes the process conceal identity to erase remembrance among the people except for close associates. There is no value in the human flesh, and that makes the process acceptable within the biblical teachings. Consequently, the body is subjected to high temperatures of heat to reduce the moral being into invisibility and that helps in environmental conservation. The teachings of the scriptures outline the role of social reforms that result from the preservation of the external conditions of existence. Therefore, the bible has no hard stand on the exercise and approves the process of cremation to push the agenda of the immortal being in humans.

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The Role of Cremation What is found from the studies is that one of the roles is that it is a practice that makes the environment safe from degradation and conserves the natural resources available. Therefore, it makes society appreciate the need to burn dead bodies than undertake a process of burial that is not significant. Furthermore, when trees are planted, catchment for rains and the right weather conditions are realized resulting in enhanced agriculture. Ultimately, both the social and economic lives of people improve and that standards of growth are increased to favor proper succession of generations. Results from studies show that cremation is both times and cost effective and it makes the society incur less than the burial expenses that deprive the bereaved the ability to stabilize and enhance their lives after the loss.

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Burials are expensive resulting from the high expectations during send off the deceased, and the expense of extreme spending is reduced through the process. Ultimately, the individuals will struggle to satisfy the soul more than the flesh, and that results into good deeds among people, hence, social reformation. What is found is that death is a mystery in the lives of human beings and it forms part of the great social concerns that are under research and intensive study. Cremation helps to elaborate on the finality that comes with death and robs the society its loved ones (Dadfar et al. Therefore, the process helps in the understanding of death and how society can live with one another in humility and kindness.

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