The Red convertible by Louise Erdrich Analysis

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The primary themes in the book comprise of familial love, trauma, and redemption challenges. Louise uses imagery, colours, and metaphors with the aid of literary elements to achieve as much as she can to portrait changing the state of the relationship between both brothers. This paper focuses on analysing the theme and significantly bringing out the meaning of the “The Red Convertible. ” According to Hişmanoğlu (5) when an author employs literary elements in a story, it is appropriate as it helps the author to discuss with a lot of eases his/her narration. Besides, it also aids the audience in to understand and get engaged in the storytelling. This car they are buying is red, and they both use it to go for several road trips together with Susy (1).

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The relationship between the two inseparable brothers remains stable unit when Henry, one of the brothers leaves to serve in the Vietnam War (Vietnam Veterans Against the War, 3). In the Red Convertible, Louise Erdrich uses the red convertible car as a symbol to indicate the theme of change in the relationship that is taking place for the two brothers. What happens to the modifications in the vehicle which is going through is equivalent to the changes in the relationship of the two brothers are going through as time goes. As the car changes, so are the connection between the two brothers, Lyman and Henry. Lyman misses much of the moment the two spend together to a point he writes several letters to his brother, Henry.

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Unfortunately, Lyman optimistic of picking from where the two left become met with the failed attempt by the changes of his brother has undergone. The old Henry has become more of a soldier that he can no longer join his brother in the youthful fun the two used to have before. ‘’Henry wears only broken-in clothes and military boots from his time in Vietnam’’(Helium 45). Lyman regrets the changes of his brother and feels the pain of ‘losing’ old Henry, but he does not give up at this point. He used to write several letters to him in vain, while on the other side, Henry was away from home. On the return of his brother, Henry, he dwells around so much.

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However, Lyman destroys the car intentionally. These actions show how he struggles to get his brother actions together and come to the understanding of his brother changes in behaviour and character. When Henry finally in an effort fixes the car, they get to go on to a road trip as old times dictated. Moreover, the car is a symbol of their active, lively, and positive relationship between the two brothers. The car promised them an assurance of a stable future together. The red colour of the car is a symbol of blood strongest linked together human being has ever shared this is according to Crawford and Patricia in their book: Blood, bodies, and families in early modern England (22). The car was in a decent condition before the Vietnam War started as the two brothers went for numerous road trips in the car they both bought together and spending quality time together.

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