The Role of International Intergovernmental Organizations in World Politics

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For instance, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries consists of only those countries that are producing oil such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Qatar, Venezuela, and Indonesia among others. It is essential to analyze some of the events that lead to the creation of some of the organizations and the role they play in the global politics. After the Second World War that devastated most of Europe, it became necessary that there be a guideline that would prevent future wars. This led to the formation of the United Nations that officially came into existence in October of 1945 (Hughes, 1974). President Woodrow Wilson played a critical role in the formation of the League of Nations that sought to have a lasting framework for collective security.

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For instance, the recent Brexit in the EU indicated how such organizations can influence the politics of the region. The impact of the regional politics also has the potential to impact on the global politics as a result of the developing economic environment. There are also IGOs that are based on economic development. Some of them are the Word Trade Organization that works towards promoting free trade. As countries became more dependent on each other, there was need for an organization that would regulate trade between countries. Research Questions Are intergovernmental organizations playing a role in promoting global peace and stability? Is there need to revise the mandate of the UN considering growing conflict in the world? References Acharya, A. The emerging regional architecture of world politics.

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