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Her life changes when she discovered the Amazonian Amphibian man inside a confined water tank. Thus, Elisa develops a unique relationship with her new friend. However, Elisa only friends are her neighbor, Giles, an aging artist, and her co-worker, Zelda. Everything looks normal, but they are not. Giles is a gay, and Zelda is a black woman. All of them are difficult to be acceptable because they are something differenceto compare people awareness in society. When such as the fish man is imprisoned a confined water tank there are so many limits to their future (Fantuzzi, 2018). This confinement is a symbol of the label placed upon the minority group and a label that they have no bright future due to the oppression and lack of opportunity to get rid of their labels. Therefore, the major concern becomes; does this film show the possibility of the minorities being able to overcome the challenges posed by their labels and position in the society? Is there a possibility for redemption and triumph for the minority? According to reviewers of the film, there is lack of independent thought. The film takes so many perspectives with the various characters such that it becomes difficult to justify its focus. Unlike the Pacific Rim, the shape of water film is not communicative though on the technical level it is well crafted (Mears, 2017). The film is viewed as being an adult fairy tale, tregedies and triumphs , heroes and villains and as a result of combined ideology, the movie depicts a theme of dangers of knowledge.

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The film begins by introducing Elisa, who does not communicate verbally and therefore uses American Sign Language, gestures, dances and facial expression as the major modes of conveying message. Her friends and neighbors Giles and Zelda work with her as cleaners at the research facility and the plot of the film gets flowing when the facility acquires what is termed as “asset”; an amphibian male humanoid. The “asset” is tortured by Colonel Richard who was assigned by the United States government the task of discovering the secret of the mysterious creature. In the process of cleaning Elisa develops interest in the creature in the lab and sneaks into the lab to feed him with all goodies, impacting the knowledge of sign language to him until a time when he she decides to free the creature with her two friends Zelda and Giles and their life becomes very different afterwards.

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The time sets during the Cold world of 1960s is raging between the United States and Russia. Some unfair incidences happen in authority and hierarchy. However, having a group try to resist the power, but those people are the lowest class and outsider in society like disabled, women, ethnic minorities and homosexual. They desire their aspirations can be heard, they wish that they can be understand. How does the marginalized find power in silence? The film, the shape of water is a unique and enticing work that brings out a bright and vivid message of how the voiceless individuals in the society find their strengths and power to rise above the silence. Also, how they join up together and unify to act against those that suppress their freedom of expression to make an impact in the society.

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Elisa sarcastically bonds with the human-amphibian creature, and both founded a strong relationship based on love. The two have been used in the film to present loneliness and how they used to love to help them stand out and raise their voice against the hostile Colonel Richard (Adji and Azis, 2018). Primarily, the film “the shape of water” is not subtle in the way matters of diversity and equality are presented, the liberal politics , its concern for the marginalized, oppressed and discriminated without providing a solution to their grief, criticism for administrative powers and people who support many kind of inhumanly acts and abuse in silence (Haddu et al. Elisa and the monster developed a common language from which they would communicate to air out their feelings to promote themselves and raise their self- worth.

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The strong connection between them is critical in raising their courage and boldness to help each other in times of needs. The unity of the suppressed importantly signals that despite the barriers set against our success we should courageously keep fighting for that which belongs to us. Also, using our ability to communicate and connect with others as a tool for rising beyond the imaginary barriers. Therefore, with a sound mind, great teamwork and likeminded individuals, oppression and silence cannot win at the expense of power (Mucci, 2018). From the film “the shape of water”, it is clear that it is worth taking a risk and to break habitual patterns though they do not have to necessarily bring out the desired results (Derry,2017). Works cited Adji, Alberta Natasia, and Azis Bilbargoya. Psychological Condition of Richard Strickland in The Shape of Water.

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