The social impacts of relationships

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Relationships affect the lives of human beings socially, economically and in terms of culture. However, this paper aims to discuss the social impacts of relationships through analyzing different stories. Critically looking at Junot Diaz, “Drown” it is evident that there were several types of relationships between different characters and these relationships had several impacts on their lives. For instance, right from the first paragraph of the story, the author makes the reader to understand that Beto is homosexual (Diaz 97). This is the reason behind the deteriorating relationship between the narrator and Beto. In addition, due to the poor relationship with his father, the narrator is also afraid of his father getting to learn about the act. From this scenario, it clearly shown that relationships may bring negative social impacts such as fear, hatred, isolation and separation.

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This is because from the story, it is observed that the narrator’s family did not have strong relationship and this led to separation as the father went to the United States and left the narrator with his mother. As a result of living with his mother, the narrator develops strong close social ties with her and their relationship is perfect. “We watch the movie together and the two hours together makes us friendly” ( Diaz 107) Analysis of Ray Bradbury’s short story, “All Summer in a Day” clearly shows unstable relationship between the children especially between Margot and her friends. Margot feels isolated and this has a negative impact on her psychology and above all her life. Relationships should make people feel that they are loved, cared and valued as this makes them socially acceptable and therefore they live a life that is free from stress.

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