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Shakespeare shows us that this is not so hard, but it can be a reality of the matters. In Shakespeare Taming of the Shrew, the theme of deception and disguise has been applied thought the play in order to conceal the identity. The main action of the play is that almost all the characters who are involved are seen to be counterfeit, in other word to be someone they are not. This contrivance has been applied in many ways in the play. In some situations actual disguise is applied while in other characters in the play the disguise does not alter their physical appearance, rather it modifies their personality. Some examples of this disguise are Tranio becomes Lucentio so that he can stun blow the rival suitors, Hortensio becomes Litio and Lucentio who becomes Cambio so that they can get closer to Baptista who was Bianca’s father.

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The psychological disguise involves the alteration of personality. An example of psychological disguise is seen when Petruchio referred to as a tamer and Kate as the Shrew within the play (II. The first type of disguise which we encountered in the play is the physical disguise which is applied throughout the play up to the end. The first physical disguise is when Sly who was a drunken beggar and has very high appetite for cheap beers is deceived to think that he is a lord who has been asleep for almost fifteen years and not a beggar. He is very cunning that through the music he plays and teaching Bianca he gives some hints about his feeling of love towards her Although For Hortensio his disguise seems to become effective it was a mistake because he was doing all this for selfish gain not that he was in love with Bianca in the first place.

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This is demonstrated at the end when he realizes that Bianca is in love with Lucentio, he just gives up on Bianca because he sees like he is just wasting his time wooing her. Hortensio ends up marrying a widow who is a shrew and this is the point where he fails. On this case, the type of disguise applied was a very harmful (Seroncy p. Lucentio who was becomes Bianca’s husband also applied disguise which seemed to be beneficial to him. She refuses to be wooed by unworthy husbands and assumes to be violent. Kate’s rudeness and anger is literary conceals her extensive sense of insecurity which she experiences and also her jealousy concerning her sister Bianca. She became a violent woman in order to compensate for the hurt which she was experiencing because of her father who was favoring Bianca all the time.

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