The Time My Mother Left Me Personal Narrative

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She fought for me and I could feel comfortable seeking for her help. She was very beautiful and caring too. I was always having her by my side and that encouraged me a lot. Little did I know that soon in my life when I was fifteen, that the bond between my mother and I would change and change forever. In this article, I have analyzed how my mother left me and the impact of her disappearance in my life. ‘Maybe she is busy,’ I said to myself as I continued watching a movie with my friend. It was around 11:45pm when I received a text. Looking at my phone, the message was from my loving mom and so I quickly opened it expecting it to read ‘baby, it is time to get back home and sleep,’ in place, the massage I had received portrayed the beginning catastrophe of the relationship between my mother and I.

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I was so tensed on reading that strange message. The message read, ‘I am not coming home so find a place to stay during the night, I will be leaving. Without knowing what to do next, I ran home to confirm if things were all right. Approaching the front door of our house, I noticed that lights were off and all the doors were locked. I unlocked the door quickly and got in to the house which seemed very quiet. I quickly ran into my mother’s room. Everything appeared normal but there was still that feeling in my heart that something was wrong somewhere. I forwarded the text my mother had send to me and told him that I had not succeeded in reaching her through the phone.

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My dad seemed to have no idea too of what was happening. I kept calling my mother’s phone throughout the night. When I woke up in the next morning, I took my phone to see whether there were any missed calls or messages from my mother. I had a breakdown on finding that there were neither calls nor messages. I did not feel like doing anything. To be honest, I felt hurt and still could not get an answer as to why she decided to do this to me. Some days passed without reaching her. Finally she came back home purposely to collect her few things which were left in the house. Thereafter, she ran away with a certain man who was a stranger to me and my dad.

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