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As such. All the various operations that are carried out within the United States government system result from the actions of directives from the various government branches available (Krueckeberg, 2018). In order for one government branch to effectively carry out its respective role, all other branches ought to ensure that they align their activities with what is likely to assist the government to achieve the objective at hand. The white house plays host to the president of the United States of America who is also the executive branch of the federal government. Although also mandated with the role of acting as the head of states as well as the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces, the United States president serves the government as individual in charge of enforcing and implementing various laws which have already been passed by the Congress and is also responsible with the task of ensuring that federal agency heads have been effectively appointed.

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According to Republican supporters, a new Supreme Court justice could only be nominated by the incoming president based on their belief that a Republican presidential candidate would win in the following political poll. As a countermeasure, the then United States president, Barack Obama was able to come up with erasures aimed at ensuring that his political camp would be able to accomplish the task at hand. According to Obama, the proposal by the Republicans to await the decision of an incoming president to solve the problem was merely unprecedented as well as unconstitutional. Following such woes, Obama confirmed to the country that he would take the initiative of nominating a new candidate for the position (Dahl, 2018). According to the United States Constitution, the confirmation and appointment of the Supreme Court justice in the country following a series of steps.

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Although with different ambitions and intentions, the two political parties (republicans and democrats). were confident that their chosen leader, (the president; the executive branch of the federal government) would be able to propel the various goals and objectives set by the judicial government branch. To push their agenda on the matter, the Republican Party was hopeful that the matter would undergo congress proceedings to point out which leader form the two political camps would be able to appoint the awaited candidate for the position effectively. The consideration of the congress and senate houses only goes to showcase the involvement of the legislative branch of the government towards the efforts of appointing a potential head for the judicial branch. This can be confirmed by the requirements of the United States Constitution which strictly dictates that the president should always ensure that he/she can discuss the position of a potential vacancy in the Supreme Court with his advisors.

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