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This paper seeks to explore Janie experiences in various relationships and how the various people impact and changes her as an individual. Nanny, Janie’s grandmother, impacted her life and their relationship shaped the kind of person Janie becomes. Initially, Janie’s relationship with Nanny suppresses her self-growth as their relationship continued to be strained as they aged. Nanny's concern over some things shaped the character that Janie becomes. Since Nanny advocated for financial security to her granddaughter, she made choices which affected her later. Janie's expectation about marriage from her experience with Logan realizes her self-growth and she is determined to look for love and happiness as well as a sense of security and belonging. Joe Stark is the second husband to Janie.

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Janie expects a new marriage where she will be able to secure love, happiness and care which has been her purpose of marriage for a long time. Joe, on the other hand, considered a marriage that is epitomized on material things since he was a businessman. Janie received good treatment regarding material things from Joe thus was assured that Joe was the best man for her. Hurston notes that with Tea Cakes, Janie’s soul “crawled out from its hiding place” (p. Once with Tea Cakes, Janie can find the spiritual connection that makes love worth living for. This love enables her to grow and transforms to discovering the element of her soul and the opportunity to define herself through love.

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