Their eyes were watching gods The Theme of Gender

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She completed her high school education at Morgan academy where she had enrolled in the year 1917. She after that enrolled at Howard University where she began her writing career. The novel was first published in 1937 after an extended period of the heyday of the Harlem Renaissance. The content was meant to expose the social injustice that existed in the world. The crimes included depression and bringing the era of cultural openness to an end. During the period he would allow his wife get off the forward-facing side of store when the other men assembled round enjoying as they talked and laughed and he informed here o about not attending the matter and when he directed her to draw her hair which was in rags.

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“The issue of the head rag annoyed her ceaselessly. However, she was set on it. The hair was not to display in the hoard” (Hurston 55). It denies Janie her freedom of speech due to the main reason of being female. It continues until she clears her view to the community at large hence enabling her to be accepted in the city and not to be seen as an outsider. Janie’s relationship with Logan Killicks also affects the voice of Janie in the course of obtaining the voice. Janie has got a feeling that Logan is not loving and furthermore a decidedly older adult to be her husband. Logan is seen to treat Janie as if she was possessed and Janie is limited to the right of expression and has the voice to the public but instead puts her to work as labor.

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Janie is always seen to wash Logan’s feet before he went to bed. On the contrary, Janie is seen to get out of the norm that women in the community only speak when they are talked to and being a woman and one should always be like labor to the man. She finally speaks out her mind, and this is evident in chapter six when she tells Joe that, “sometimes God gifts familiar with us women folks to and talks his inside business” (Hurston 75). This statement makes Joe feel that God speaks to both the men and women as it is the first time he experiences being spoken to by Janie. She is making the mayor who is the husband of two things.

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She lets the mayor know that she genuinely believes that God always listens to all the female and herself in particular. It is accredited by the fact that she was involved in two primary relationships one being of her nanny and the other being the men that she was married. Although Janie is seen to be silenced by the male dominance at the critical times in her life especially when she is unable to tell her own experiences, there is understood to be an opportunity in whatever that is or that is not being brought out to the public. The achievement of voice by Janie which is seen at the latter end is essential to her track of understanding and being aware of self.

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