Theme analysis in unbearable lightness of being

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The essay will primarily focus on the analysis of lightness and weight as a theme and symbol as used I in the novel. Lightness and Weight The themes are used in relevance to the philosopher based on the philosophy of living while reflecting other characters. In the onset of the novel, there has been mention of the ancient Greek Parmenides mostly referring to the lightness philosophers who are on the side of weight is negative. Away from whatever is written in the paper, in reality, to accept with the lightness of beings means agreeing with an absolute absence of particular ultimate meaning in living and just existing for the momentary beauty. On the side of those that are in agreement in lightness, they have to refrain from participating in some of the practical activities.

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Light versus weight is a complicated paradox whose paradox is hard to solve in the novel. Kundera cannot comprehend the reason for the assumption that a man can only follow on a path directly because if one attempts different ways, it could ultimately lead to weighing themselves against one another. This is because it leaves more questions than answers on whether the life of people here on earth is defined whether by unbearable light or lacks meaning. It draws on many issues whether it is correct to declare lightness as splendid and weight more of a burden if not whether weight is the only source of meaning. Based on the light Vs. However, according to Parmenides perception lightness can be classified as positive while weightiness can be put as negative.

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The central dilemma is determining which side of the coin is most appropriate since there is a lack of verification on whether Parmenides assertion holds validity (Gwyn &Richards, 176). This places the debate on lightness and weightiness as one of the most complicated, ambiguous and mysterious above all other discussions. The characters themselves are torn apart in between the two sides of the ambiguous choices manifested in the introduction of Tomas and Tereza. The two characters are in two different cycles of life in which Tomas can encounter the enjoyment of lightness and freedom in his survival encounters. Grace is that state of currently not having that formal attachment in life that one life. There is the vast difference between those people having light and those that have weight.

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Those that have light are easy going and free-spirited, while the weighted are considered emotional with more attachment of meaning in life (Garuba, 62). Those people who carry weight are highly likely to be involved in a series of activities such as politics, but those with light rarely care thus hard to indulge themselves in some critical events within the society. On the assumption that there is nothing like eternal return then human beings would be free from the life burdens thus making humanity to be even weightless than air. Moreover, she does not know how o fulfill happiness in life which goes the author more confused on what is the right choice and the real implication of choice between lightness and weight.

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