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In the village, he serves as one of the respected village elders and a wrestling champion. Things Fall Apart portrays a man as an enemy of the society. Put in simple words; man versus society. For example, Okonkwo wrestling and leadership inspirations come due to his fathers’ voluminous debt and the pride price that the social norms expects him to pay. However, he considers this demand as feminine. Intertwining Okonkwo’s life with women affairs was intentional because an African story is always incomplete without focusing on women. This way, the novel depicts Okonkwo battling his wife during the peace week for not rearing their daughter according to the norms of the society (Parmentier and Eileen 1228). By this, Achebe portrayed man as the head of the family while woman as a child rear. Things Fall Apart brings out the role of women in a pivotal African setting in which they play important role in matters of religion, education, and social care. The roles of women in the Things Fall Apart march the experiences in contemporary society. Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart portray women as the primary educators of women. The society has given women the responsibility of ensuring that children grow from a whole-round perspective. As narrated in the novel, women from the Ibo community educate their children by telling them educational stories, teaching them good behaviors and socializing ethics. children sat around their mother’s cooking fire telling stories,” (Achebe 25). Achebe states that children, especially the girls were taught good values and interaction skills by their parents, which in this case are the mothers.

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On the other hand, men have entitled leadership roles. For example, apart from heading his family, Okwonko was also an important member of the council of elder. Men were also responsible for the generation of daily bread for the family and the accumulation of wealth. For example, Okonkwo was wrestling so as to get wealth that would enable him to settle his father’s debt, to pride price and as well as to feed his family. Most importantly, they were responsible for ensuring that the social laws are obeyed. Women of the Ibo community were responsible for nurturing good behavior’s among the children by teaching them good socialization skills (Alexander 131). This scenario is evident in the present society. For instance, the current women still nurture their children especially during the younger age until they reach the school going age.

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Just as seen in the novel, women in the contemporary society are playing a significant role in the current educational arena by fostering decisions and policymaking processes especially in matters that deal with gender equality. Therefore, there is a close association between the educational role of women in Things Fall Apart of Chinua Achebe and the educational role of women in the contemporary real-life society. Such troubles conspired severe as they would disgrace the community or the family more so the father who would definitely blame the mother and possibly beat her for not rearing the child accordingly as was experienced by Okonkwo’s wife. Being a society dominated by men, women in the Ibo community had to be very careful about reputations that would lead to certain misfortunes due to ill behaviors of the child (Alexander 131).

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Generally, the reputation of the women depended on the men and hence, they worked so hard to protect it by educating their rearing their children according to the rules and norms of the society. Women played a significant educational role. This scenario is not different from what is happening in today’s contemporary real-life society. Okonkwo abided to Achieve's orders and surrendered his daughter. In this case, Chinua Achebe portrayed women as powerful religious leaders who are capable of worming and ordering their fellows to do the required thing for the benefit of the society based on religious grounds. The spiritual powers of the women are further elaborated from the goddess perspective. For example, Ani, the goddess of earth was responsible for ensuring that the right conducts and the community observes morals (Achebe 36).

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This way, she worked closely with the dead clan whose bodies were committed to the earth. For instance, the recent study by the Pew Research Center reveals that religion is a critical part of the life of women (Berger 61). The survey hints that 86% of women in the United States are religion affiliates, 63% of them revealing that religion is important and 44% attending religious services at least once a week (Berger 61). Therefore, the link and the respect that women give to religion in the present contemporary life is the same as the Ibo’s community. To affirm this notion even further, 70. of the members of the Christian religion in the present American day are women (Berger 61). Work Cited Alexander, Jocelyn. Things fall apart, the center can hold: processes of post-war political change in Zimbabwe's rural areas.

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