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These include; Progress in technology This has led to improvisation of services in the tour operator industry. New technology has led to improvement in the quality and spread of the tour operations. It also led to time saving and less costly. Transactions are done electronically too hence most payments are done anywhere at any time (Nessel, K. Increase inthe net income in the economy Progress of a tour operator industry is affected by a country’s economy. It starts with an intensive research. It involves using both modern and old ways of getting information for example, leaflets and guidebooks to outline the localities and things one might want to do, its duration and when. It can involve the use of previous data which means getting information from those who have been to that place before.

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The main features to consider are the weather and seasonality of the place you are considering to visit, accommodation availability and convenience of travelling within the locality. 2) Finding out the availability and about the cost The better way to determine the favorable prices is basing the different price of travels of different days e. Keep in mind that if you opt for a package deal you will be safe if any element of your trip fails. If you want to have a peace of mind, you can take an insurance cover to safeguard against company failure. This will be able to minimize the consequences of last minute complications. 5) Get reserved. Once you have analyzed your decision and you are satisfied with it, get booking.

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Payment is made to involved staffs like driver which will make the trip comfortable and shall forever remain in minds of tourists. (He & Wang, 2012) Accommodation package It involves shelter package for clients. Students customers always requires separate rooms which can be obtained from restaurants. A week tour on a big number of tourists traveling in all various places in United Kingdom and other regions of Europe requires taking many contracts. Tour Guide A professional person who has knowledge and gives idea to tourists on different places they visit. The brochure should be appealing easily understood. Brochure is a product promotion technique which is cheap and highly beneficial to the tour operators industry. So as to attract customers, the planning decision taken for the purpose of designing a brochure should be effective.

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The brochure should be prepared in such a way that it is attractive to the customers and give them enough information about the holiday packages. (Lopez, 2012). Online promotional technique is the best alternative to curb these changes. It reaches many people because it turns the world into a global village because many people have access to online applications. They offer discounts and many offers which lure customers because they give them a sense of satisfaction due to the wide range of services offered to them at pocket friendly prices. Online promotional technique is part of the mass media promotion technique which includes such techniques as newspapers and radios. Mass media technique saves time, cost, and are also effective hence they lure many customers.

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Evaluating the strategic decisions made by different types of tour operators. Financing Finances can be sourced either from internal or external sources. Transportation This involves decisions on the method of transportation (Petrov, & Chapell). Depending on the cost of the tour package, various methods of transportation are available for example railways and water ways. Package variety Customers are attracted to the wide range of packages offered to them. Their marketing structures have made the tour operator industry to perform very well. In conclusion, for a startup of a tour operator there needs an intensive research. This includes the trends in tourism industry, the customer demand, competitor companies in the industry and many more factors. As i discussed above marketing of the tour operator is a key factor to boom in the industry.

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