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The Latest Technology innovation in the transport industry that will help enhance transport networks in the city. The app will be available in the market in the next one week after the official launch that will happen in the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. The media release will be facilitated by the Hong Kong General Chambers of Commerce chairman, Aron Hari Harilela. The application as developed is compatible with a different type of operating systems including the IOS, Android, Microsoft OS, Firefox Operating system and many others. Additionally, as agreed with various governments, the application will take immediate effect and use in the different major Towns traffic control systems such as Sydney, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Las Vegas. Major governments have announced their collaboration with the Tech Inc.

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Software Company to develop a harmonized traffic monitor system to help solve the traffic menace. The newly innovated software will be incorporated in different countries making the universal, and further modifications would be specialized in accordance to the subject city. The city commuters would be encouraged to have the application where significant traffic flow will be levied. Tech Inc. The software features include an emergency page, a customer care forum, a review and comment forum, a traffic control forum, and status and network guide page. The phone software will have a small user interface easy to install in many low-level mobile users. While the personal computer will have detailed information and user system that connects well with the various phone software, the computer design interface is designed to be used by the control system and the traffic department response team to monitor the traffic status.

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Cynthia James announced that the software would be available in various online stores such as the google store, the apps store, blackberry store and many others compatible. The software will be available as a free download feature to facilitate most people to use the application. The application software will be used by both the traffic control department and the urban residence for effective traffic control. Mission Statement The app is targeted at reducing the traffic jams caused at major cities by facilitating a smooth flow of road traffic in the metropolis. Tech Inc. company is strived at promoting a more extensive network of support in major towns while at the same time recruiting franchise groups to assist in the software marketing.

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How will Traffic software help? The traffic application will assist in many ways; • Identification of traffic hit roads • Facilitation of smooth alternatives to commuters • Establish a response system to traffic menace • Facilitate the response to accidents by the responsible department • Facilitate a synchronized traffic system controlled by the traffic department Who is valid to use the traffic software? • The traffic app will be used city commuters and the traffic departments • The application is available for non-city residents who frequently visit the cities • The guidance system will be facilitated by a customer service forum present in the application interface • Traffic app is only limited to road users About Us • Tech Inc. Notably, both mainly address the traffic software issue revealed by Tech Inc.

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Company. The media release looks on the subject on a detailed explanation form of the software whereas the fact sheet pinpoints on the essential details that should be noted by the user and other stakeholders. The fact sheet plays a more summarized form of the critical points on the software. I used the media release for the article release on the software released recently as it captures the media coverage of the event and the subject at hand. Detailed research on the software and its release was done to examine its adequacy to the developing technology world. I analyzed the traffic software and previous software releases that would facilitate the content flow of the subject matter (Ulmer et al. , 2017 p. Additionally, research on the various software and the effectiveness and effect after the version was used as the guiding framework for the media release writing (Marsh et al.

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