Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

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The objective of the research/study is to determine the current treatment options that substance abuse counselors find effective.        STUDY METHODS. The study methods used in this research is online references.        RESULTS. The results of the research are that there are various current treatment options that substance abuse counselors find effectives.          Contingency management is designed to provide incentives to reinforce positive behaviors, such as remaining abstinent from substance use.          Motivational enhancement therapy helps people with substance use disorders to build motivation and commit to specific plans to engage in treatment and seek recovery. It is often used early in the process to engage people in treatment. Inpatient and Residential Settings Treatment can be provided in inpatient or residential sessions. This happens within specialty substance use disorder treatment facilities, facilities with a broader behavioral health focus, or by specialized units within hospitals.

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Recovery Support Services Recovery support services are non-clinical services that are used with treatment to support individuals in their recovery goals. These services are often provided by peers, or others who are already in recovery. Recovery support can include:          Transportation to and from treatment and recovery-oriented activities          Employment or educational supports          Specialized living situations          Peer-to-peer services, mentoring, coaching          Spiritual and faith-based support          parenting education          Self-help and support groups          Outreach and engagement Peer Supports Peers are individuals in recovery who can use their own experiences to help others working towards recovery. Peer supports are a critical component of the substance use disorder treatment system. Many people who work in the treatment system as counselors or case managers are in recovery, and peers are central to many recovery support efforts.

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