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This paper will target to fully expanding on this approach and also giving a comprehensive detail about the usability and implementation of the said approach. KEYWORDS UCSD approach, website technology, responsive websites, modern approaches for the construction of websites. INTRODUCTION In today's world, the implementation of a dynamic and responsive website is crucial if not a must. Nowadays in the internet world, users want a website that is highly responsive and is advanced with the latest technology for usability (Mohorovičić, 2013 (pp. Gone are the days one could construct a static website and except it to fulfill the user's demand, since for that to happen then one should be able to implement the modern technique of website construction one being the UCSD approach since it will be adequate enough to provide the desired responsive website (Bryant and Jones 2012 (pp.

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After that, the team of analysts will deeply analyze the gathered information after which they will come up with a model of what the customer wants. The other procedure is the designing of the system. In this section after receiving the client’s specification and analysis of the same, the team from here now will be able to get the specifics of the type of system the customer wants. This will include the system’s hardware specification and also the specific overall architectural design of the system desired by the client. The other procedure is the implementation of the system. This tool has really been a lifesaver to website developers in the designing of a website screen layout and content arrangement according to the specifications of the clients.

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The use of such tools can be a crucial thing in a web studio's vision of providence of the best and desired websites (Baudoin 2007 pp. This tool allows one to careful design one’s screen layout and content arrangement with all the minor and major bits desired by the clients. After careful designing the system layout the client can then present the designed layout for the developers to implement. This ensures the developers implement what the client wants. • Navigation- make it as easy as possible for others to move around the sreen or the window that is used in the website. • Grid based layouts- having the ability to arrange the contents in a wel layout sothat it is appealing to the eye.

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• More friendly- can be accessed through a multiple devices such as the mobile phones at any time or anywhere. EVALUATION AND EFFECTIVENESS OF THE USCD APPROACH Among others, the above-mentioned procedures are the procedures that make the UCSD approach one of the best techniques in the construction and development of dynamic and responsive websites. This can be concurred by some of the top web studios that implement this type of approach in their workshop. Also, for established web studio it is not too late, they too can start implementing this type of approach I can assure them that it might be better than the current approach they are using currently. REFERENCES. Mohorovičić, S. , 2013, May. Implementing responsive web design for enhanced web presence.

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