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It forms the basis of the various changes that take place in their bodies and what they typically engage in either when they are themselves or within a given social group. During this stage, the teenagers often experiment with many things as the changes sour through their bodies (Kumar et al. The teens do not want to hear about the theoretical part of what is happening in their bodies, but they want to do things that will prove to their friends and the outside world that indeed they have developed and they need to be recognized just like any other grown-ups in the society. The purpose of this paper will be to analyze some of the basic development theories and their impacts on the life of the growing children.

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Psychological theories Various development theories have been put forward by the psychologists as far as the era of adolescents is concerned. Here, they will start to act and call themselves some sexual related names and games (Kumar et al. 2015) Girls in the society are more likely to engage in sexual behaviors later than the boys. According to Masters and Johnson, girls experience sexual urges later than the boys. The sexuality and development of sexual characteristics in girls take place through stages and how they react wholly differs to how men react. In understanding sexuality, it is critical to analyze how girls as they develop in their adolescent's stages and how their behavior differs from those of boys. Understanding human sexuality requires a high degree of honest to explain and teach everything to the adolescents with ease and proficiently.

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